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Top 5 Reasons to Watch the TZGZ SYFY @ The ‘Con Panel

In case you missed it, the TZGZ panel at this year's Comic-Con is  definitely one to watch.


Calling all TZGZ fans! In case you missed it, the TZGZ panel at this year's Comic-Con is definitely one to watch. In a word – it's wacky, but you'll enjoy every minute of it. You'll have to check it out firsthand to truly relish in the experience. But in the meantime, here are five reasons to watch: 

1. Sneak Peeks of Upcoming TZGZ Shows

TZGZ has an incredible lineup of new shows that fans are guaranteed to enjoy like, Magicial Girl Friendship Squad and Devil May Care. Whether you're new to TZGZ or a dedicated fan, you don't want to miss a chance to see what's new, what's cool and what's coming soon. Get ready to explore a new realm of hilarious animated programming!

2. The High Wizard Stops By

It wouldn't be a TZGZ panel without a visit from the High Wizard. And if you don't adore the High Wizard, are you even a real TZGZ fan? TZGZ's beloved mascot, appears throughout the panel to promote his classic humor and good vibes. Of course, the main purpose of his presence is to transport fans to the outer limits of animation, which he does effortlessly.

3. Creators and Showrunners Talk Animation Inspo

Along with previews of TZGZ's upcoming series, we also got a chance to hear from each show's creators and showrunners and delve into their influences and inspirations. You're going to love hearing the detailed insight behind each series' concepts and characters. 

4. Ren & Stimpy References 

What better way to stimulate your inner nostalgia than listening to a conversation about everyone's favorite 90's cartoon? We can't bring in new shows without paying homage to the classics first. 

5. Surprises and Mystery Boxes Made Apperances

Between surprise appearances from characters of the shows and watching the cast and creators as they open mystery boxes, there are countless elements of surprise during each panel that kept us on our toes. Plus, the panel gave us a chance to engage with members of the TZGZ family in an intimate, meaningful way. 

Catch TZGZ on Saturday's at midnight-ish on SYFY! And watch the full panel below: