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Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Wynonna Earp SYFY @ The ‘Con Panel

Earp escape rooms, Bobo Del Ray impersonations and more! 


Comic-Con@Home brought the Wynonna Earp cast together for its first ever virtual panel. Accurately described as "The Earpiest Panel," we were given a chance to watch our favorite cast be lively and fun – as usual! 

From Varun reminiscing about his first acting experiences in student films to the entire cast delivering their best Doc impressions, here are five reasons why you should definitely check out the virtual Wynonna Earp panel: 

1. News of a Wynonna Earp Escape Room

Emily Andras, Wynonna Earp's TV Creator and Showrunner, hinted at plans for a possible escape room at a convention in the future. A Wynonna Earp-themed escape room would surely bring fandom and excitement to a completely new level. Of course, the cast agreed that Waverly and Jeremy would be the characters to excitedly and successfully complete an escape room on the show. This gives us an in-person experience to look forward to one day! 

2. Tim Rozon's Bobo Del Ray Impersonation 

Perhaps the highlight of the entire panel was Tim Rozon's hilarious impression of Bobo ordering a drink at Shorty's Saloon. The entire cast was thrilled by the amusing accuracy of his impersonation. There's nothing like an order of a Way Haught Toddy to get you pumped for Season 4 of the show.

3. Glimpses of the Casts Real-Life Bonds

When asked how it feels to step on set, the cast members described feelings of "home" and "comfort." It's so nice to see how tight the cast is both on and off set. Seeing them crack jokes and reflect on their favorite memories from the season makes watching the panel worthwhile.

4. Random Cast Fun Facts and Tidbits Are Revealed

Who would have thought we'd be spending Summer 2020 analyzing what items would go into a Wynonna Earp time capsule? Of course, that's exactly what was discussed during the panel. (Hint: Wynonna's pregnancy test may or may not have been considered as a capsule addition.) We enjoyed the chat about the Earp character yearbook superlatives. (Obviously, Wynonna was correctly voted 'Most Likely to Take No S**t.)

5. Season 4 Will Be Especially for Grown-Ups

Truly there's something for everyone in a show like Wynonna Earp, but this season will be a special treat for us grown-ups. Season 4 is going to be the first season of Wynonna Earp that will be rated TV-MA, which means you can expect some striking surprises along the way. Like when Nicole and Waverly– actually, let us not spoil the fun. Check out the panel and a preview of Season 4.

Watch the full SYFY at The 'Con panel below and tune-in for all-new episodes Sundays at 10/9c: 

SYFY @ The 'Con | Wynonna Earp Panel