Watch Monster Movies this Memorial Day Weekend on !

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Watch Monster Movies this Memorial Day Weekend on !

Barbecue. Beach. Binge. Spend your memorial day weekend with a monster of all marathons.


After the barbecues and long days at the beach, settle in this Memorial Day weekend with a marathon of monster movies available now on!

If you like fables and ruthless canines who bite, watch Cerberus, which follows the search for a mythical sword guarded by a three-headed hellhound. #donotpettheanimals

If you prefer your monsters in (sorta) human form, scare up the courage to watch, El Cucuy, the Mexican boogeyman, who stalks and scares the s#$t out of a teenage girl who soon discovers that some urban legends are true! Check out Cucuy: The Boogeyman: 

If you you know the difference between Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks, good for you. Also, there’s a horror movie with your name on it, the aptly titled Rock Monster:

If you like classic horror and plants based diets rich in human protein, watch Little Shop of Horrors to see the carnivorous plant, Audrey II, have its lunch:

If you’re thinking: “No Monster Memorial Weekend Marathon is complete without the grandfather of all monsters”, we agree! And thus, we present to you Godzilla, a monster who needs no introduction:  

Want more monsters this Memorial Day Weekend? Head over to to see gargoyles, three-headed sharks and more available for instant streaming!

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