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Who Won The Week? The Conjuring 2? Warcraft?

Our friends at Blastr break down the winners (and losers) of the week in geek 


Every week, the editors at our sister site, Blastr, put out a podcast called "Who Won The Week." The gang looks at the week that was and the stories that are blowing up the geek-o-sphere. 

Since Syfy loves sci-fi, we figure y'all might like to listen. 

This week, the editors are joined by Ken Hanley, editor-in-chief of Fangoria magazine. The topics du jour are the release of Warcraft, whether it'll disappoint gamers, whether The Conjuring 2 is actually scary and whether all 80s horror movies can be described in one hashtag (which is not appropriate to type. Listen and you'll see). Listen below and if you like, make sure to subscribe on iTunes!

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