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Wonder Woman: From The Brady Bunch to the Big Screen

Watch Wonder Woman's journey from Brady Bunch cartoon character to the scene stealer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

By Bryan Enk

So, yeah ... did you know that Wonder Woman made her television debut in a Brady Bunch cartoon?

Diana Prince's long journey to becoming the scene stealer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a rather strange one, even for DC Comics mythology. Syfy's sister site, Blastr, has created an original video that traces Wonder Woman's evolution from television to video games to the multiplex, from a failed attempt at a TV pilot upon the wake of the 1960s Batman show, to Lynda Carter's pitch-perfect personification in the 1970s television series, to her triumphant portrayal in the Justice League cartoon and, finally, to Gal Gadot ... with a few surreal stops along the way.

Get out your golden lassos and watch below, and check out all the other sci-fi goings-on at