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Episode Recap: Booby Traps

Arthur and Grace get kidnapped by a tribe of homicidal Amazons. Do you really need anything else?


It’s day six of the Blood Drive and Grace and Arthur have a plan: to get ahead of the pack so they can rescue Grace's sister and be back in time to finish the day's heat. You’ll recall that Slink sort of gave them this as a favor for their saving his life. The caveat is, of course, that same rules apply as always – they can go by the rehab center to pick up Karma, but if they lose the day’s race, they lose their heads.  Also, there’s a new challenge today. The race route will take them through the Savagelands. Also? It’s a no-brakes race today. If they use their brakes, the cars will shut off for ten minutes. That’s gonna be…inconvenient.

While driving through the Savagelands, Grace and Arthur realize they’re being chased by a biker gang. Grace guns the car as best she can, knowing that if she brakes, she’s going to lose the ability to drive the car altogether. Ultimately, a roadblock (that turns out to be fake!) forces Arthur to stop the car. And now they’re totally hosed. The biker gang captures them and takes them to a spa. Yes. That.  

Turns out, the horde runs a sort of retreat for women in the desert. It was men who screwed up the planet and put them all in the predicament they find themselves in. And so, now these women live alone and have enslaved a few dudes. As Arthur awakes in his jail cell, he finds that men are basically brought here to be hooked up to a machine and have their semen extracted. Here’s what you should know – if someone asks you to be part of a blood drive, you’re gonna end up in their fetish. We’re not here to kink shame, we’re just saying: know what you’re getting into.

Turns out the biker gang have also kidnapped Domi and Cliff, who've returned to their usual fighting ways. Domi's sort of fine with the pedicures and bikini waxes, but Grace is not having it. Trying to kick her way out of the pedicure chair, Grace learns that the mental facility that held Karma has been destroyed. But when she says Karma’s name, the leader of the gang stops. It turns out it was Karma that led the revolt- and she’s a major hero around here.

The bad news is, Karma didn't survive the revolt. As she’s seated by a totem made in her sister’s honor, Grace learns that her sister is dead.

Meanwhile, back at Heart Industries, Christopher and Aki are sort of a couple. She’s naturally suspicious of him, and with good reason – he’s definitely up to something. His plan is to break into that hall of secrets to read the Blood Drive file. As he searches, Slink turns up and reveals to Christopher that Aki is able to watch whatever he does through his bionic eye. Meanwhile, Slink has problems of his own. He is called before the Heart Industries board room and fired from his own show. They want to just kill him, but they can't. It's part of his deal, see.

Back at the spa, Cliff gets word to Domi about the kind of danger they're actually in by tapping out a message in Morse code. Domi does what Domi does best - murders a ton of people and frees not only Cliff, but also Arthur and a bunch of the other dudes. It’s mayhem as the leader of the gang takes Arthur to a pyre to kill him. Grace, of course, swoops in to save him, and mayhem ensues. In a final battle, Grace gives up and Arthur finds her bloodied and despondent. She has no reason to go on, her sister is dead.

How will they win the race now?