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Episode Recap: Faces of Blood Drive

Cyborgs, plot twists and, well, lots of blood collide in an epic battle. And it’s not even the season finale!


So, Arthur is the new Primo. And like all male fantasies of heroism, it means he can bone a bunch of ladies and be generally terrible to everyone. He even tattoos a guy’s face. This is all, of course, part of his insane “snapped” swerve lately. The Blood Drive has proven too much for him. He’s lost his soul to the Blood Drive. When he sees Grace on the red carpet, he ignores her and goes into what will ultimately be the tribute ceremony in his honor.

Meanwhile, Christopher shows up in a blood portal to warn him about what happens to the Primo. See, it turns out that the Primo is offered as a sacrifice. They turn you into a celebrity until a new Primo comes along. And then they kill the Primo, just as they have with all the previous Primos. You can imagine how this goes over with Arthur. Furious, he marches right out of his holding area and REMOVES SLINK'S HEAD! Julian Slink! Dead!  (He’s not, of course – Slink is a robot like Aki. They have a LOT of Slinks around.)

Meanwhile, quick side-story about Karma and how she ended up becoming the head of Heart Industries. Turns out she was plucked right from the insane asylum and moved into the Heart Industries junior management track. From there, it was a steady climb. When she was passed over for a promotion, Karma took matters into her own hands and built a flesh suit of Old Man Heart. She dressed up as him, and killed pretty much everyone. Now SHE is in charge.

As Grace tries to convince Arthur to take down Heart with him, he refuses. With Slink gone, Arthur can do whatever he wants.  But that's the thing, Slink isn't gone. He's back and he's got Arthur captured. That’s when the big sacrifice plan is revealed, they’re going to feed Arthur into the Soul Reclamator machine. While Grace tries to reason with Slink to let Arthur go, Christopher has his own plan. He fakes a video of Grace saying she wants to be Primo, which enrages Arthur.

There’s an epic battle, the one we’ve been waiting for (since last episode) between Grace and Arthur. She knows she hasn't done anything wrong, but he doesn't. When Grace spares his life and talks him back into having a soul, Christopher isn’t willing to let this go. When Christopher taunts him for not having the balls to kill Grace, Arthur kills Christopher!

And then, because this is Blood Drive, we learn that it's not him! It's a robot cyborg version of Christopher! Worse: Arthur killed Christopher while thinking he was real and not a robot! Back at Heart Industries, Karma shows Christopher and Aki the video. She reveals that she made a fake Christopher to try and sabotage Slink’s Primo plans and kill Arthur.  Christopher is furious, he just watched his friend Arthur kill a version of him without even a thought. He asks for the full set of upgrades – he’s going after Arthur and Grace himself now. All of that as Grace and Arthur team up with Slink and head back onto the road with a ton of explosives. They have one last change to take down Heart Industries, and they’re not going to waste it.

Next up: the real season finale this time!