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Episode Recap: In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill

What do you get when you mix an insane asylum, psychedelic candy and someone named Rib Bone? This episode.


Before the team heads into day four of the Blood Drive, let’s pause to consider what they all want. Grace wants to save her sister from Heart Industries, Aki wants obedience from Christopher at Heart Industries, and Arthur wants to take down Heart Industries all together. If you’ve not gotten on board with the fact that Heart Industries is at the root of all problems – now’s your chance.

Grace and Arthur have a plan that seems to be going well so far - in order to sneak off to save her sister, Grace made a deal with The Scholar to mess with Julian Slink's brain-bomb remote control. When Slink finds out (while lounging around a set with a lot of exposed light bulbs and a dentist drill they all seem to be playing with for fun), he's pretty upset. He orders Jaw Bone (another racer, and newly-minted dog owner) to go and find them. Jaw Bone is still pretty mad that they messed up his ability to feed cheerleaders to his car, so he jumps at the chance.

Knowing that The Scholar has messed with the remote control, Grace and Arthur head off to rescue Karma from the Kane Hill Mental Hospital - run by Heart Industries. When they arrive, it is clear that something has gone awry. The inmates are LITERALLY running the asylum. And also? They all seem to be obsessed with eating candy bars. Now. In order to fully get the real impact, it’s necessary to flashback.

Not too long ago, right around the time that Grace heard about the race, she concocted a plan to enter it. The way in, she figured, was to head to a rave and find information that’d set her up. If she entered and won, she could send her sister, Karma, to college. Win-win. Only, what Grace DIDN’T know was that the drive was with cars that ran on blood. Karma promised not to do drugs as Grace went off to try and work her way into the race. And you know was there that night? Julian Slink, acting as DJ!

Back in the present, Arthur meets a nurse at the asylum. She tells him what went down here. On Halloween, there was an uprising in the asylum once all the inmates got hold of the candy. She explains that the asylum is being used to test highly addictive candy. Any guesses who makes the candy? Yes, indeed, it’s Heart Industries. Interestingly, they also realize that the candy is making people insane. You know what else does that? Red Rapture – a drug that lo and behold, was offered to Karma at that rave in the flashback – and WHICH SHE TOOK.

Now. Let’s do a quick sidebar check in with naked Christopher. There isn’t a lot to say about this, except that during the course of the episode, Aki uses a lot of kink tools and seduction to extract saliva. Then she uses a fiber shake and a glove to reach up inside him and get a way grosser fluid sample. Then she extracts semen, in kind of the usual way. Then tears. Look, a lot happens to Christopher, and it turns out that all she’s really been trying to do is break him down. Maybe. It’s hard to tell what’s going on at Heart Industries.

Grace starts piecing all of this together and comes across her sister’s doctor. Just before he’s killed by one of the patients, he tells her that finding Karma is very important. After killing a crazy person, Grace learns that her sister was actually transferred. As she rushes downstairs to look for her sister’s file, she and Arthur are attacked by Jaw Bone. They manage to blow the place up, with the dangerous inmates, Jaw Bone and all the candy inside.

A quick check-in to that flashback though, reveals that it was the day that Grace had her sister committed that Julian Slink approached Grace about the race. Could it be that Karma’s mental state and the events that followed were somehow orchestrated by Slink?