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Episode Recap: Scar Tissue

An idyllic town is anything but. To escape it, the drivers must turn to the last person they should.


Grace, having given half of her blood to Arthur, wanders through the desert looking for him. And it turns out; he’s wandering through the desert a little aimlessly. Finally, he comes to a town that looks like a mirage, it’s so beautiful. This is Cronenburgh, where it seems a lot of people have set up shop in the one pocket of beautiful land near the Scar. When Grace catches up to Arthur, she finds that he's decided to stay here. This doesn’t sit well with her, but soon she finds herself at a party and the smell of the place gets to her. (That’s the green gas that’s floating everywhere.)

At the church party, Arthur is told that the town cobbler is about to die. They’ve all agreed that Arthur will take his place, marry his wife, and live in his house. All these great things. And Grace isn’t having any of it. While she’s checking herself in a mirror, she realizes that the people of the town are not what they appear. Seen through a mirror (that is then stolen from Grace), the people are revealed to be what they are – all messed up and bloody in the face. They’re mutants and the gas seems to be keeping them from being seen! Before Grace can convince Arthur to leave, his soon-to-be bride knocks her over the head.

Meanwhile, Aki has become even more human than before. She has memories of harming Christopher from a while ago. And she loves him so much, she wants to help with his plan to take down Heart Industries. The plan is to find Arthur and go from there. She shows him to the place in Heart Industries that could solve their problem, an even faster Blood Drive car. The race is on!

As Arthur awaits his wedding in the church, he sees Grace dragged in and thrown into the Scar. To him it looks like it’s her choice, like it’s something they should all celebrate! When really, this is the team throwing her down a hole that will kill her. Still, Arthur is under the spell of the gas. How will they get out of this one?

That’s where Slink comes in. After getting fired (again) by Heart Industries and told that if Grace and Arthur don’t survive, the corporation will run his show into the ground, he shows up in Cronenburgh and seals up the hole leaking all the Scar-gas. Soon the townspeople are aware of how they look, and what a terrible place this is. In the scuffle, Arthur ends up in the pit with Grace, and the two finally admit that they have feels for one another.

Meanwhile, Aki and Christopher, on the road to find Arthur and Grace, realize that she's less human than she thought. Heart's security protocols (remember when Christopher threw up all over the place?) seem to have been triggered. A danger to the mission, she convinces Christopher to leave her behind.

Slink delivers a speech to the townspeople, and convince them that since they've been lied to all these years, they should kill the Mayor, which they do. He saves Grace and Arthur from the pit and tries to get them to go on one last adventure. The deal is: they get to the bottom of Heart Industries' obsession with Grace, and Slink gets to save his skin. Plus? Arthur and Grace are in love now. They can do anything together. And now Slink is along for the ride. So…where will this all lead?