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Episode Recap: Steel City Nightfall

Mutated bloodthirsty creatures:1. Blood Drivers:0. Plus: The couple that murders together, stays together. 


Quick recap as we head to Utah this week: Grace still wants to save her sister from a Heart Industries insane asylum, Christopher is trapped at Heart Industries and at the mercy of Aki the Dominatrix, and everyone has a pulse-charge in their heads so Julian Slink can kill them if he wants or if they get too far away from each other. Got it?  We don’t see much of Julian Slink this week, because he spends a lot of time on a “notes call.” You’ve seen this in TV shows before, the process of making television shown to an audience in a way they can only half relate to. Blood Drive is a show within the show, see. So, maybe buckle in for more. 

Meanwhile, on their way to Utah, Grace and Arthur have a blowout that bends the rim of their tire and realize they now have to detour through Steel City to get a new one. Steel City isn’t exactly the friendliest place. A lot of cars were made there but after the big fracking earthquake, it was deemed abandoned and nobody knew why. Troops were sent in to rescue any survivors, but were never heard from again. Neither were the troops sent in to rescue those troops. What, exactly, is going on in there?

Now, Domi and Cliff get a lot of airtime in this episode. They’re the married couple who like to kill people together, but clearly haven’t gotten along for sometime. They drive a hybrid blood-car and keep a cooler full of body parts in the backseat. Lately, the spark in their marriage seems to have run out, and the Blood Drive is their way of trying to recapture the magic. Meanwhile, Christopher is trapped at Heart Industries, is ALWAYS naked and Aki is beginning some behavior modification on him.

Back in Steel City, Grace and Arthur have their car stolen and find that the place is run by people obsessed with corporate jargon. Synergy! Low hanging fruit! Biding their time, they'll find a way to get their car back and get back on the road. And as per usual, Arthur’s pretty suspicious about what’s going on with all of these people.  Once inside, they reveal themselves and the group leader, called The Supervisor, tells them about the enemy that Steel City is facing: creatures called Glimmers.

See: what happened was years ago, some people became addicted to gasoline. And not just for the cars, they were addicted to a chemical additive in the gasoline. It made their eyes glow green, it made them murderous, and oddly enough, it made them so sensitive to light that they explode every time it shines on them. It doesn’t take Arthur long to figure out that the chemical additive was made by; you guessed it, Heart Industries. Those guys are real bastards. After some running around and fighting off the Glimmers, Grace feeds one of them to the car and the Glimmer blood turns out to make the car go INSANELY fast. Its super-powered blood, after all.

After spending the day reminiscing about all the people they’ve killed together, Domi and Cliff renew their vows and appreciation for one another. And then make out with a human eyeball between them. Clown Dick is about to come in second-to-last, beating Grace and Arthur. Now, we all know that when you lose a day’s race, you also lose your head. Clown Dick is distracted by some of the mayhem girls and Grace and Arthur go rushing past. And for that, Clown Dick’s head is blown clean off.

Finally, Grace strikes a deal with The Scholar. She'll provide him with Glimmer blood and he'll mess with the remote control Slink uses to blow their heads off. It's crazy enough to work, and will buy them just enough time to stage a raid on the asylum. Will Grace finally rescue her sister? Only time will tell.