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Episode Recap: The F*cking Dead

To save Grace's sister, Arthur makes a deal with the devil. Well, rather some crazy, sex-obsessed twins.


Heart Industries has their hands in everything: from television programs, to pharmaceuticals, to cars that drive on blood. It's becoming increasingly clear that they're set on taking over the world. And Grace's sister Karma is caught up in all of it. Coming off of last week's discovery that Julian Slink had something to do with both the drug that made Karma go nuts but also her incarceration, she and Arthur tie him up to ask some questions. Like: Where is Grace's sister? What does Heart want with medical fa-cilities? Slink is not about to answer, because he's got bigger things on his mind. It turns out that the town they're all in was once a testing ground for a Heart Industries product/disease called "The Dionysus Strain." Basically, it's a disease that made the entire town crazy horny, and then murderous. And now, Jack and Diane, two All-American kids who are immune to the strain but whose parents were killed by the drug – have come for revenge.

Slink warns Grace and Arthur that the crowd will tear everything apart unless they get a show, and so Arthur goes out as Slink. The problem is that Jack and Diane (the siblings) mistake him for the person who killed their parents. So now they're after Arthur. Their plan is to infect the crowd with the Dionysus Strain, and once they've killed each other after an orgy, they'll be able to kill Slink. And so, the siblings start making out with various people and infecting them with the horny-zombie drug. And everyone starts excreting a blue-ish glow-in-the-dark goo. Before long, Arthur is infected with the Dionysus strain. Grace convinces the siblings that Arthur isn't Slink, and when they go off to find him, she reveals what Slink told her: somewhere in this facility is the plans for a cure that can counteract the strain. Arthur goes off to find it while Grace tries to get more information.

Meanwhile, back at Heart Industries, Aki shows Christopher the repair job they've done to his eye. Good news? It's bionic! Bad news? He's only allowed to leave Heart when he's worked off the MILLIONS of dollars it cost. It'll take almost a century. As he begins his job at Heart, he learns Arthur is still alive and trying to take down Heart Industries. Buoyed by this news, Christopher also learns that Heart Industries has a file on the Blood Drive. The route, the story points, all of it – locked in a room called the Hall of Secrets. When Christopher tries to get in, he learns that he needs a certain level of clearance. Hm. What to do?

Back at the Mayhem party, Arthur finally finds his way into the lab, and watches a movie that details the cure for the strain! In order to create an antidote, siblings have to have sex with each other. That's abrupt, but yep, turns out, that they discovered this by infecting bunnies and that only sibling bunnies having sex would produce the orange goo that counteracts the blue goo that everyone is excreting. Let's all just pause on that for a second. And then move on. As the siblings, Jack and Diane, are about to feed Julian into a machine of his own devising, Grace appears and convinces them to have sex. And look, this wasn't far off. They didn't need all that much convincing. So once that starts, they start excreting a ton of that orange goo and Slink pushes them into the machine. It grinds them up, runs them into a hose, and Grace splatters all the murderous horny Mayhemmers with the antidote. They're no longer horny or murderous. In gratitude for saving his party, Slink reveals the location of Grace's sister, and that they're going to re-route the Blood Drive to go near there. Also? Julian Slink has a plan for something called a "Soul Replicator" - what's that?

As Slink goes back to his business, a blood portal (for lack of a better word?) opens up. He has to go back to Heart for more notes on his Blood Drive. And Christopher, it turns out, convinces Aki to give him a promotion to security guard. Looks like he'll be able to access that file after all!