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Episode Recap: The Gentleman’s Agreement

There’s a new head of the Blood Drive, but the old one isn’t giving up so easily. Everyone duck.


Some reminders to catch up: Grace has learned that her sister is dead and now she has no will to live, Julian Slink has been removed from the Blood Drive – and is being replaced with… The Gentleman. A racer no more, dude's in charge of all of it now. Once the Gentleman gets back to the Mayhem party, Grace is on a pretty destructive streak and challenges his authority as the new head of things. He, in turn, uses that box to injure the inside of her head, as per usual. After blowing up the last two drivers of the race (kind of just for kicks actually), The Gentleman tries to kill Grace at the party, but The Scholar explains that the chips in their heads don’t work inside the Mayhem party walls.

Back in the garage with their car, Grace and Arthur have a heart to heart about what's important: taking down Heart Industries. It killed her sister and they're ready to go in with what they know. But how? They only have one accomplice lately, and it’s The Scholar.

Meanwhile, back at Heart Industries, Slink learns that they’ve put The Gentleman in charge. Furious, he murders one of the executives and formulates a plan to get his show back. It's going to take someone he can manipulate and that's where Christopher comes in. Catching up with him in a hallway at Heart, the two strike a deal. If Christopher opens a door for Slink, he'll get the key to Aki's video feed. And THAT, Christopher realizes, is the key to what's going on with the brainwashing and all of what Aki is up to. Christopher agrees, and the two unleash a pretty serious monster.

Grace and Arthur come up with a plan whereby Arthur pretends to be gay to seduce the Gentleman and steal the box that blows off everyone's head. It's a solid plan - if they can get that box, then they're safe. But there's little time, because unexpectedly, the ogre, Denali, that Heart Industries created by accident bursts into the tent and tears a guy’s head off. And then, Denali goes to town on a lot of the other Mayhem teams. Arthur does a pretty good job of battling Denali, but it’s not enough. Just as he’s about to be vanquished by Denali, Arthur is relieved when The Scholar comes crashing into the scene in The Gentleman’s car.

Meanwhile, Christopher uses his ability to read Aki's feed and learns that his boss at Contracrime is actually involved in ALL of this too. When he confronts them, he finds that his brain gets a little scrambled. She's in his head! Something is happening! But what?

Back at the Mayhem party, Denali has had some of his body parts fed to the car by Grace, but it’s not enough. She continues to battle Denali until Slink pops in to save the day. He’s back and badder than ever, complete with his Julian Slink circus-barker get up. The Gentleman, of course, doesn’t love this and an epic battle between Slink and The Gentleman ensues. And here Slink reveals to the teams what we already know: he's been puppet mastering everyone into the race. The Gentleman is not having it. Furious, he shouts that if he can't run the Blood Drive, then nobody can. The Gentleman grabs Slink's head-exploder remote control and... blows his own head off. Turns out it was The Scholar who rigged the box for him. It's all connected, gang.

Slink threatens Arthur to get back in his car with Grace. She is drifting off to sleep as Arthur takes on a new teammate. Ladies and Gents, please welcome The Scholar to Team Grace & Arthur. Back in control of the Blood Drive, Slink reroutes Grace and Arthur close to the most dangerous part of America. The Scar. But more on that next week.