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The Blood Drive Theme Song Is Everything That's Right in This World

We've got a theme song and a brand new trailer and you can't afford to miss.

Move over Cheers! Take a seat Family Matters! Don't think we forgot about you Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers!
For a show to truly become transcendent, to be better than the sum of its parts, it needs a theme song; something that evokes nostalgia, a reverence of good ol' American values, but above all it needs to inspire the death-race deviant in all of us. Enter the Blood Drive Theme Song, and a brand new trailer to boot. Before you live one more second on this earth, treat your ears to the mellifluous, docile tones of pure 80s throwback jams in Blood Drive Trailer #2

Blood Drive Trailer #2

It's got the Bon-Jovi-esque croon of an instant classic, it's got the luscious VHS aesthetic, and most importantly it's got the most fun you'll ever have watching a show on cable television. Buckle Up, Lunatics! It's going to be one hell of a ride.
For the full lyrics that you'll want to devote an afternoon to memorizing, see below:

Buckle Up! It's time to drive

The biggest race of your whole life

So many places for you to see

Brand new faces on your cable TV

13 Grindhouse genres to explore (to explore!)

13 episodes of gore in store (ohhhh hooo!)

Blood Drive full speed ahead

Blood Drive your good as dead

Blood Drive your good as dead

So feed your engines and fuck the rules

If you're not first than you'll be fuel

Blood Drive full speed ahead

Blood Drive your good as dead

Blood Drive (Whooooo hooooo!)