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Channel Zero: Butcher's Block - 15 Questions We Still Have After Watching the Season Finale


Did you just finish watching Channel Zero: Butcher's Block? Are you still feeling a bit nauseous and generally confused about what happened? Then, welcome, this is the place for you! Here are 15 questions that need answers!

1.    The Bloody Baptism


Whose blood was that? Did the Peach's always have a blood bucket ready to go?

2.    Oh look, it's Dave, from Collections


Why did Dave from Collections sound COMPLETELY different when he met Alice in person than when he was talking to her over the phone?

3.    Plaster Walls are the new Uterine Walls


Can someone please explain why Izzy was birthed through a wall? Was she there the whole time? How did she get there in the first place??? SO many questions!

4.    Sweet Baby Peach


What happened to Edie's baby? Is he/she/it out and about and just crawling around?

5.    Alice Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


So the hang up here is that Alice ends up in a mental hospital with her mom, and hot take (please hear us out) was Alice the one with Schizophrenia the whole time?

6.    All-Powerful


Who even is this Deer God and how did he get involved with the Peach's in the first place?

7.    God Almighty

Also why does the Deer God look like the satanic version of this meme?

8.    Hospital Hold-Up


What happened to the creepy spidery thing that chased Alice around the hospital? Is it still there wandering around the halls?

9.    Self-Cannibalism


Why was Zoë the only cannibal who ate herself? Did she just have really high moral fiber and refuse to eat other people? Or did she really only find herself appetizing?

10.    Au Natural


We're still curious as to why Robert Peach had to be butt naked while eating his fellow inmate?

11.    He's Just Robby From the Block

Missing media item.
Why was Robert down in Butcher's Block in the first place? There were more than enough human hand plants to keep him full back home.

12.    You Got Some Schmutz on Your Face


What was that weird, chalky, white substance that they smothered all over Izzy before the Deer God could eat her?

13.    Who Is He?


We need a whole breakdown and book report on the Meat Man (#SeasonFour???). Where did he come from? Why didn't the Peach's eat him? What is his purpose in life? What is he up to now? Is he living his best life? SO many questions!

14.    Creepy Cabbage Patch Kids

Missing media item.

Same with the Meat Man, how did these little demented demon baby dolls come to be? Is Edie their mom?!

15.    Zoë' s Best Friend


Can we get a show of hands to see who else thinks that the dog at the end of the finale was just a way for Zoë to fill up an Alice-shaped hole in her heart?

And if you're reading this list and have no idea what we're talking about, what are you waiting for? Get a move on and start watching full episodes so that you can be in the know!