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Channel Zero: Butcher's Block Creepy AND Gross – Part 1

Channel Zero: Butchers Block is a lot of things. Namely gross and creepy. Let us count the ways...


Channel Zero: Butchers Block is a lot of things. From taxidermy to cannibals, the show offers an array of scary, creepy, and downright gross moments. The first three episodes of this season have included limitless spine chilling and vomit inducing incidents, but for the sake of time and space, and to spare you nausea and nightmares, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10 grossest and creepiest moments!


1. Episode 1: Guess who?


No, really, who/or what the hell is this disgusting, sinewy man of meat (Meat Man?) on the staircase? This whole adult bacon thing is testing our gag reflex. We'll never look at breakfast the same.

2.    Episode 2: The Disemboweled Dinner Party.


A few things here -- we get that they're cannibals but, why are they eating the intestines? **ahem** Cuz we all know what happens in the intestines…and they're eating them raw! They could have at least thrown them in a pan, added some butter and sautéed them a little. They did have guests over after all. Sheesh!

3.    Episode 3: A WHOLE Snack!


When Zoë pulls a switchblade out of nowhere while taking a bath and cuts off her own skin and EATS IT. Trying not to judge, but, we're judging!

4.    Episode 2: Look Back At It


So…the blood dripping down Alice's face and then Joseph handing her a mirror and does his best 2Chainz impersonation, telling her to "look back at it"—**it** being the hole in her head. It's not a matter of if we vomit, it's a matter of when!

5.    Episode 3: Cheers? Let's Drink to That?


When Robert started sipping Nathan's blood while he was laying face down on the floor waiting for Luke to hand cuff him. Gross for two reasons: 1: The way he
was smiling as he drank BLOOD. And 2: who knows when was the last time
anyone went through those hallways with a mop?


1.    Episode 1: Taste the Rainbow!


Does old paint taste like flesh? If not, then why was that real life demented baby doll licking the wall on the other side of where Alice's head was? Also, why was he just hanging around in the there?!

2.    Episode 2: Schizo—FREE—nia?


Zoë standing in a random room filled with plants (and why plants, tho?), with a disturbing look in her eyes, talking about how she's "cured" now. As if she gave up schizophrenia like some people just give up gluten. We think not.

3.    Episode 3: Dial-a-Nurse


When that demented baby doll said, "Help me, Alice" in a voice that sounded like Zoë's—yeah no. Don't phone a friend for help demented baby doll thing/person—phone a nurse.

4.    Episode 3: Hospital From Hell


Remember when that weird thing Joseph found in Alice's brain (that kinda has the face of Heimlich the caterpillar from A Bug's Life but moved kinda like the girl from The
) started chasing Alice around the hospital? Yep, nightmares
from now on, every time we try fall asleep at night.

5.    Episode 3: So... NOT Jake from State Farm?


Nope, it's creepy Dave from collections. Can we all agree, that when Dave from collections keeps calling Alice about paying off her student loans, it hits a little too close to home? Of all the creepy moments throughout Butcher's Block, this is by far the scariest.

Tune in for more fear factors every Wednesday at 10/9c when all-new episodes of Channel Zero: Butcher's Block air right here on SYFY.