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Channel Zero: Butcher's Block Creepy AND Gross – Part 2

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block was off to a wild and gore-y start the
last time we left you, but it's nothing compared to the final three


Channel Zero: Butcher's Block was off to a wild and gore-y start the
last time we left you, but it's nothing compared to the final three
episodes. From excessive blood to spooky demon-gods and creative
desserts made out of the human body, this show has got it all! Here are
the Top 10 grossest and creepiest moments! (Oh, and pro-tip: if you were
planning on grabbing a snack right now, we really suggest you don't --
trust us.)

1.    Stalker in the Grass


Maybe it's because of the soulless look in it's eyes, or maybe because of the creepy supernatural sounding background music, but when that humpty dumpty-esque marionette just popped out of the field of yellow flowers and started following Alice,
shivers were sent up our spines.

2.    And the Award for World's Worst Dad goes to... 


Luke's father (whose name we can't remember) is wracked with guilt over killing his
son, or so he thinks, and he sees Luke standing next to him. We know it was a hallucination, but damn that was eerie! Luke was standing there with blood gushing out of his wound looking at his dad like, "et tu Judas?"

3.    Ghostface Killer


Were we the only ones who let out an audible yelp when Ghostface Killer aka Joseph Peach's floating head just appears out of nowhere? No? Thank God.

4.    Oh Deer God! 


Who else experienced heart palpitations when the antler god was lurking around while Zoë was freeing Izzy from the weird Satanic dungeon? Especially when Zoë stopped for a second, and the antler god was just there staring at them—be still our hearts! No, for real – stop shaking!

5.    Ding Dong the Cannibal's Dead 


Yikes! Robert Peach just pops out from behind a random sheet hanging in Louise's basement and scares the living hell out of everyone (including us!) watching. Honestly,
we're pretty happy he's dead.

1.    Tasty Thigh Meat Part 2


We honestly didn't think it was possible, but somehow the second time Zoë decides to slice off her own skin for a snack managed to be MORE nauseating and MORE disgusting than when it happened the first time.

2.     Off with their heads!


When Luke's father and Louise had to saw off everyone's heads. Just the  sound of the saw piercing the skin was enough to make us gag – and we did!

3.    Mother Nature


We know the miracle of life is a beautiful thing and all, but Edie's birth in the forest with the Meat Man as her doula was a lot to handle, especially because we had no idea what exactly she was going to give birth to…a baby version of the Meat Man? Another demented baby doll? A combination of both? Given her maternity diet, it really
could have gone either way.

4.    A Milli


This moment made us clutch our pearls. It was one thing to see the millipedes (maybe they're centipedes? We were too grossed out to count the number of legs) being taken out of Zoe and Alice's throats, but it was a whole different can of worms seeing Zoë eat one!

5.    Sloppy Joe


Who could forget when the Peach's "god" made Joseph implode? It was really nasty (but also kind of awesome) seeing how his face was torn apart and how his body parts flew everywhere.