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Episode Recap: Alice in Slaughterland

Alice confronts her own incipient madness while Zoe eats with the Peaches.


Alice goes through that door at the top of the stairs in the woods, and finds herself in a lovely field of flowers where a lot of bizarre things happen. (But then, what were you expecting?) First, she’s being chased by a giant puppet-version of herself and doesn’t know it. Then, she bumps into Old Man Peach who pulls a jumbled up bunch of fingers out of the ground, and then…she sees Izzy, who runs off into the field. All the while, Zoe is being tempted by the Peach family to eat some of the delicious lunch they’re serving. Which … is almost assuredly human flesh. Zoe keeps refusing, but does occasionally snack on her own leg.

Meanwhile, back in the town of Garrett, Officer Luke and Louise have to cut off the head of the younger Mr. Peach to keep him from coming back to life. When Officer Luke confronts his father about what’s happening -- he his own father, the Police Chief, slits Offer Luke's throat!

Finally, Alice comes to the house where the Peaches live, is chased by that puppet-version of herself and saved by the elder Mr. Peach, who welcomes her to the family. Zoe is terrified for her sister, who drinks the wine (blood?) that she’s offered. Are the sisters part of the Peach family for good now?