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Episode Recap: Father Time

Alice gets a sinister invitation from the Peach family, while Zoe begins to behave bizarrely.


As Alice continues to look for her sister, Louise the Landlady decides to help out. Since she’s writing a book about the Butcher’s Block neighborhood, anything that has to do with the Peach family is of interest to her. When Zoe turns up and says that the man cured her schizophrenia, Alice becomes worried and goes out to look for him. Meanwhile, someone calling himself Peach (who looks like a younger version of the Joseph Peach we’ve seen skulking around) is arrested by Officer Luke, taken to jail, and ends up killing and EATING his cellmate. You’d think he’d be put away for good, but he’s released to some other guards and he goes back to Medallion Park.

When Alice and Louise are sent an invitation for “Dinner and Spirits” at the Peach residence, they go to the place where it used to stand. There, they are somehow transported to the Peach mansion, and Alice demands to know what Peach did to her sister. Suddenly, she finds herself alone with Peach, who drills into her brain, shows her the memory of her mother going crazy (i.e. stabbing her sister in the stomach), and says she should come live with him. When she snaps out of it, she and Louise are at a dinner table that’s been littered with the remains of Izzy’s mom.