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Episode Recap: Insidious Onset

Alice and her sister Zoe move to a new city and discover a mystery involving mysterious staircases.


When Alice moves her sister Zoe to the town of Garrett, things seem like business as usual. Soon, though, she begins to hear of the untoward and scary things that happen in the neighborhood known as Butchers Block. The town — which was all started around a meat packing plant called Peach’s Meats — has always been afraid of this area. And with good reason. There are legends of a creepy staircase that mysteriously appears in the woods. Generations of townsfolk know to avoid it. Meanwhile, we’re let in on the fact that people have been going missing, and Alice decides to just focus on her job and keeping her sister healthy. When a little girl named Izzy and her mom (Tanya) disappear right out from under Alice’s nose, things take a drastic turn.

As Alice and her sister investigate, Zoe sees a terrifying small person in a red jump suit. Zoe also sees the stairs everyone’s been warning them about and a terrifying meat-like person standing at the top of it. Alice, meanwhile, runs into an old man in the woods who hints that he’s more than he seems. As Zoe flees town and Alice investigates with the help of the landlady named Louise, Alice learns that the man she spoke to was Joey Peach – the man who started Peach’s Meats. The problem is, he’d be 130 by now. Oh, and by the way, he’s moved on from talking to Alice. He meets with Zoe at the bus stop out of town.