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Episode Recap: Sacrifice Zone

Zoe and Alice confront the Peach family.


Mr. Peach tells Alice that he needs her help. See, without Izzy as a sacrifice to the god, the Peach family is going to be in serious trouble. So as Alice joins the whole Peach family in a search to find Izzy, Louise and Luke and Zoe take steps to protect her. Alice turns up on the porch and tries to reason with Zoe, but fails. When Alice’s pesky student loan collections officer turns up, Alice…uhm, bites his throat out.

Mr. Peach and several of the little peach goblin-children chase everyone down into the bootlegger tunnels, where they outsmart Louise and Luke and capture Izzy. Later, when our heroes turn up at a Peach family ceremony to sacrifice Izzy, the god arrives. When the god opens his cape, he is so beautiful, the whole Peach family actually explodes. Izzy is saved by Diane the crazy scissor lady, while Luke kills the goblin-child that goes after her. Alice is spared explosion, but the god shows her an image of her mother, and she ends up going mad.

A year later, Alice is in a mental institution with her mother, while Izzy, Luke, Louise and Zoe all sit down to dinner. Of actual food. Not people.