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Channel Zero: Episode 2: Creepiest Moments

Feeding the tooth child and following a ghost - see what other creepy moments we clocked in this episode. 


Feeding the tooth child and following a ghost - here's the top five moments we clocked in this episode. 

1. Security!


One minute Katie was alone, playing with her stuffed animal, convalescing and what not, and then the next, she was getting a visit from the Tooth Child. And get this - NO ONE watching the monitors seemed to notice the visiting creature. We wonder what else he was instructing her to do? 

2. Kids Are Creepy, The Usual


THAT MOMENT when Mike was on the phone with his daughter, Lily, and she suddenly said, "You have to go inside" …as she stares off into a dark room of their house. We hope she didn't catch whatever Katie has!

3. It's a Trap! 


When Mike goes to the old warehouse where he and his brother used to play and discovers …his dead brother? Were we the only one's screaming, "DON'T FOLLOW HIM, MIKE! IT'S A GHOST!"

4. These Are My Confessions


Was it just us or did you also think that Mike was going to harm (read: hook) his mom? There was something about the look in his eye as he confessed to the murder of his brother that, well, made him seem like a raving murderer. We were scared too, Marla! 

5. Don't Feed the Tooth Child


We definitely pegged Mrs. Booth as more of a cat lady, than a tooth Child lady. What in the hot hell is she doing? Aside from feeding a creature in her backyard. 

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