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Channel Zero: Episode 3: Creepiest Moments

Here's this week's creepiest moments, brought to you in part by fear.


Here's this week's creepiest moments, brought to you in part by fear.

1. Hidden Treasure


Lesson of the day. "Once you let bad things out you can never put them back." Point taken. So how exactly are we supposed to put back the disconcerting image of Jawbone and his maniacal self popping out of the treasure chest? Make it stop!!

2. Wait!


Exactly, Mike. Gene! Wait! Don't!… omg! Seeing Eddie go all "bad seed" on us was both alarming and unnerving.

3. Looky, Looky She's Got Hooky


As if seeing her feed The Tooth child in the last episode weren't **shocking** enough, now Mrs. Booth has a hook that she's not afraid to use, and the propensity to serve hot cocoa as if nothing happened. King Kong ain't got shit on the The Sweater Set Sweetie of Iron Hill.

4. Children of the Midwest  


We don't think this is what our parents meant when they told us to go outside and play. But we could be wrong.

5. Basic Food Groups


Ohthankgoditwasjustadream (to be said all-together with a sigh of relief at the end!). But wait - was it just a dream? Does the Tooth Child have plans to at some point feast on Mike's fingers? OUR fingers? Is there ANY body part that's off limits to this creature? Too many frightening questions. Not enough answers, gang.