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Channel Zero: Episode 4: Creepiest Moments

These kids are killer and Jawbone's got all his eyes on us.


In this edition of Candle Cove is the creepiest sh*t on TV, here's what we thought were the top five creepiest moments from Season 1, Episode 4.

Satan's Little Helper


Look likes The Tooth Child's got a new friend. A creepy, tooth-snatching little friend.

I'm not Lily


After Mike's dead brother Eddie possessed Lily, was anyone else waiting for her head to spin around and green goo to start flying out of her mouth? Glad it wasn't just us. So, "Not Lily" (Eddie) claims that "Real Lily" is some place "dreaming" all of this. Where IS that place?

Big Brother is Watching  


This is disturbing. 

Annnd Scene


It's nice that kids are into the arts and all but these Iron Hill students went way too method during their impromptu performance in the school theatre.

Annnd Then they Killed Jessica


As if the masks weren't terrifying enough, the kidshacked the hell out of Jessica with no remorse. This was creepy, sure, but also just plain ole awful to watch.