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Episode Recap: Guest of Honor

The true creator of Candle Cove is at last revealed


Jessica is dead as a doornail, having been stabbed countless times by masked and raging pre-pubescents. Amy takes it upon herself to break the news to Mike, who's distraught: his middle school sweetheart's real heart's stopped beating. And on top of his own grief, Mike has to deal with a toothache. Cruel Fate! But this is no ordinary toothache: this pang is coming from a surprise, extra tooth making its way in on top of Mike's gum. Funny, because Eddie had an extra tooth just like this one — in fact, it was the only way you could tell Eddie and Mike apart.

Mike goes to the police depot and implores Amy to let him poke around Frances Booth's house — where Amy found all those "Candle Cove" props.  Amy tells Mike she has no manpower to send with him, because everyone is occupied with the whole murder thing. Cops got to do their jobs. But what about Gary, who's still in the slammer for illegal interrogation? Pair him with Mike — mortal enemies — and they can investigate the Booth house together. Brilliant idea! While Gary is out in the backyard checking out some loose teeth (yuck), Mike is poking around inside the house. He's interrupted when Booth's telephone rings…so he picks up. It's not collect. It's Ms. Booth…and she tells Mike to ditch the 5-0, and meet her at a strip mall at the edge of town. Sounds safe.

As Mike makes his way to said strip mall, the kids of Iron Hill are being beckoned out of their homes by some strange, magnetic force. Pokemon Go? Erica, Mike's wife, comes to pick up Lily from Marla's and drive her home. But en route, she has to swerve in the road to miss the kids walking through it. The kids survive, but the car doesn't, and the mother and daughter check into a hotel while awaiting a new rental. When Mike arrives at the strip mall, he's intercepted by a lawman — Amy's squeeze, Simon, who's there to keep a close eye on Mike. But he's drawn away by a group of kids potting around in the brush behind the strip mall, and goes to investigate. Mike looks for Booth inside the strip mall, but can't find her. Then he looks outside and sees: the kids have ambushed the copper, and Mrs. Booth, dressed as Jawbone, lands the final, fish-hookey blow into the policeman's chest. Booth calls Mike directly, and tells him to meet at Marla's…this time alone.

Marla entertains Frances at her kitchen table, at gunpoint, until Mike comes home. When he does, Frances drops a load of information on the two of them. See, Eddie had a rare and incredible gift: he could use his telekinetic powers to stop Booth from having seizures, and other cool stuff. And on top of that, it was Eddie, not Booth, who created Candle Cove. Whaaaaat? That's right: little kid, so much creativity. But his imaginative inspiration needed fuel to spark, and that fuel consisted of the blood of the young. Interesting requirements. So Ms. Booth, recognizing Eddie's talent and wanting it to flourish, killed her son and fed his spirit to Eddie. And the Mom of the Year Award goes to…. And now Eddie is coming back — through Mike. So that's what the tooth is all about, it's Eddie's calling card. Frances urges Mike to let this periodontal possession run its course, no matter what the medical bill comes to. Mike isn't so sure.

That night, Lily is at the motel watching television, and what happens to come on? Candle Cove. But wait, there's more. Out from under the bed comes the Tooth Child, who makes faces at Lily. The little girl is so taken by the Tooth Child, that she follows him under the bed…and disappears. Mike is back at Marla's and attempting to extract that darn extra tooth of his with some highly sophisticated pliers. His operation is interrupted when Candle Cove comes onto the TV in the room, and it's starring a special guest: Lily!