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Episode Recap: I'll Hold Your Hand

Things get real when uncovered secrets about Candle Cove, brutal discoveries and startling confessions collide.  

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It's the middle of the night, and Dave screaming awakens Jessica and Gary. Dang it, Dave! Katie has apparently stabbed her brother Dave with a hook…a hook similar to the one the mysterious skeleton figure used to scare Mike and his brother Eddie with way back when. After a frantic, pleading call from Jessica, Mike returns to Iron Hill (again) to solve the mystery (again).

Mike shows up at the hospital at which Dave and Katie are convalescing, much to Gary's chagrin — the good doctor is giving the sheriff the willies. Outside Katie's room, Mike finds hung up on the hallway wall a drawing she drew in crayon. But it's no ordinary drawing. It's a drawing of what's known in the Candle Cove mythology as Bravery Cave. Creepy kid. Mike takes Katie's drawing and pores over it at Marla's house. Marla's been out all day trying to uncover the mystery of why Candle Cove is airing after all these years. She visits the town's public broadcast studio, where the biggest Candle Cove geek shows her his homemade fan videos. He doesn't have any recordings of Candle Cove because…they don't exist. Something in the frequency rendered the broadcast un-recordable. That's some advanced copyright infringement technology.

When Marla arrives home, she sees Katie's picture and knows exactly where it is: the old cement factory Eddie and Mike were forbidden to play in as children. Marla and Mike make their way out to the old cement factory, now defunct, when Mike sees the faint image of a person wandering around the plant confines. Who is it? Looks a lot like his dead twin brother. Mike tells Marla to hang back while he goes in alone. After being led around darkened hallways and up stairs by what appears to be his brother's ghost, Mike comes upon something a little unsettling: a skeleton surrounded by candles. The cops swoop onto the scene, but it'll be a little while before they'll be able to match the DNA of the skeleton to Eddie's (if it's even his).

Distraught, Mike meets Marla at the kitchen table for some late night confessions — as you do after an emotionally fraught day. He tells her that it was he who killed his brother with the fishhook. It was he who buried his bodied in the woods. But it wasn't he who moved his body before the police could find it. That was someone else. Marla can't stand to hear this, so she cuts Mike with a carving knife, and breaks away from his grasp. The next morning, Sheriff Gary arrives at Marla's home, and he cordially invites Mike to a trip down to the station in the back of his SUV. To discuss matters of murder. But shortly into the ride, Mike realizes that the sheriff missed the turn into town, and that he's now driving to…wait, where is he driving to?