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Episode Recap: Want to See Something Cool?

Marla, Jessica, and Amy frantically search for Mike before it's too late.

When we left off, Sheriff Gary had taken Mike into custody without a warrant for his arrest. Rather than booking him in jail, Gary takes the good doctor to a house that he and Jessica wanted to buy — Jessica was the real estate agent for it. But they eventually lost it to a moneybags fat cat from Cleveland. The house has since been abandoned, so it's a perfect spot to apply some force to Mike through illegal interrogation. Gary has bound Mike's hands and detained him in a chair when Tim and Daphne show up. Tim lost his brother Gene in the Iron Hill murders, and Daphne lost her cousin. All three of them think that Mike and the Painters know more about the murders than they're letting on — especially after Mike admitted to killing his brother. It's a slippery can of worms.

Marla, feeling guilty that she turned her son in, goes to look for him at the jail. Amy tells her that he's not there, so the two of them go on a manhunt for Mike and Gary. Marla ropes Jessica in on the expedition, and when the two are brainstorming where Gary might have taken him, Jessica confides in Marla that she and Mike had been emailing and texting each other pretty frequently. See, ever since she and Gary lost the house, Gary's been a wreck. Wait, that's it. Jessica realizes that Gary took Mike to the house!

Back at the makeshift torture cell, Mike has given his captors a little more information. Apparently, Candle Cove had such an influence over Eddie that he started killing those other kids. He killed Gene the bully through telekinesis — he made Gene walk over a cliff. He killed the other kids as well. And after four murders, Mike knew he had to do something to stop it. So he killed his brother. Tim thinks this is all a bunch of malarkey, so he draws a gun on Mike to try and get the "truth." Gary attempts to wrestle it out of his hands, but the gun goes off and shoots Mike in the shoulder. At that very moment, Marla, Jessica and Amy arrive at the scene. Tim and Daphne scurry away, and Amy disarms Gary. He's in big trouble.

Later that night, Daphne pays a visit to the teacher Mrs. Booth, who lost her son to the Iron Hill murders as well. Mrs. Booth, if you remember, is also the woman who feeds The Tooth Child teeth. So, she's totally normal in the head. When Daphne tells Mrs. Booth of the botched plan to extract information from Mike, Mrs. Booth kills Daphne with the hook. Wait, what? You read that right. Mrs. Booth kills Daphne with the hook. She then proceeds to bring hot chocolate for a group of school children she's got over at her house to watch Candle Cove. Wait, what? You read that right, too. Mrs. Booth has kids over to watch Candle Cove. These are the same kids who killed Tim as he walked home in the woods. Mrs. Booth helped them hide the body. The night gets even weirder when, back at Marla's house, an unexpected guest pays Mike a visit: his daughter Lily. She must have walked all the way from Westchester just to see him. She definitely got her steps in that day.