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Episode Recap: Welcome Home

It’s the final showdown between two brothers, with the fate of the entire town at stake.


Things are their normal abnormal in Iron Hill. In the liminal place between reality and dream (dreamality), Tooth Child Eddie is trying to get to his brother Mike's heart…through his mouth. Former Sheriff Gary and standing sheriff Amy are scouring the woods looking for more kids. They find them, and Mrs. Booth, about to pounce. Gary manages to get back his kids, who seem to take seriously the fact that their mom is dead. At least something gets to them. And when Erica comes looking for Lily, Mike goes to show her: she's been taken to the Crow's Nest by Eddie. Mike is invited into Eddie's world, which is essentially a hallway with rooms behind doors, and a cast of terrifying, horrifying characters. It's very cozy.

Mike reconnects with Lily, who's been trapped there by Eddie. Eddie strikes a deal with Mike: his daughter can go, but he can't. Big-hearted Mike is ready to do anything to save his daughter. And off she goes, back to Mom by stepping through the TV, out of the world of Candle Cove and back into Iron Hill. Eddie and Mike get a chance to catch up on old times, old hatreds, old rivalries, and old card games never finished: like War — the king of games. Eddie seeks to punish Mike for his betrayal (aka, growing up, dating, having fun), and keep him imprisoned in this world forever. Meanwhile, Marla goes out in search of her son (the good one), and ends up finding Booth (wrong person). Booth has come to this party with a +1…the fishing hook. And when Marla tries to get passed her, Booth uses her hook to stop Marla in her tracks. Booth is about to lay the final blows to Marla when officer Amy emerges from the woods and saves the day: by blowing Booth to smithereens. Marla gets the chance to lay the piece-de-resistance, taking the fish hook from Booth and then giving it back to her: right in the side of the head.

Before Amy can take Marla to the hospital, mother Painter escapes to find her son…at the Crow's Nest. Knowing that Mike is the portal by which Eddie can access this world, Marla makes the difficult decision to kill the unconscious Mike where he lies. Mother of the Year award goes to…Well, it does the trick. And when Eddie attempts to return to Iron Hill through his television screen, he is unable to. The portal has closed, and old Mike turns back into young Mike, and the twins are reunited at last.