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13 Reasons Why Your Halloween Isn't Complete Without a Channel Zero Binge


Now that you've finished binging Stanger Things Season 2, you're in horror withdrawal. We gotchu fam! Every episode of the first chapter of the Channel Zero anothology series, Candle Cove is available right now for the low low price of click here. Once you've fully creeped yourself out to the max, it's time to engage your binge hyperdrive and enter the No-End House. But don't take our word for it, let these gifs whet your horror whistle.

Let the suspense first envelop and consume you with Candle Cove. I mean, it's a show about sinister puppets. Bring an extra pair of undies to the binge...

  1. Halloween on a Tuesday? The next morning at class be like...


  2. For the love of all that is holy, don't feed that Tooth Child. He's like a baby duckling, he'll imprint on you and never leave you alone.


  3. Clowns are scary. Puppets are next level... 


  4. ... and they follow you too?! Classroom computers are for Oregon Trail not for skeleton pirate puppets!


  5. And just when we had almost gotten over the bathroom face-melting of Poltergeist, you go and do something like this. Dr. Pearlman is not going to be happy.


  6. Nope. Nope. Nope.


And thus concludes our Candle Cove amuse-bouche. Now take a deep breath and dive into the memory-dissolving horror of The No-End House.

  1. Something tells me he's not whispering sweet nothings in her ear...


  2. Knock yourself out!


  3. Human corpse for one!


  4. Having trouble sleeping post-horror binge?  Relax, it's all in your head.


  5. What's worse than being stuck in school? Having your dead dad's corpse stalk you to class.


  6. Dad gets swole.


  7. Just making some memories with the they can eat them.


So. Freaking. Creeeeeepy.