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Episode Recap: Beware The Cannibals

In a creepy new reality, Jules faces a sinister influence and Margot must escape a great evil: Her father.


Well, this is getting a lot freakier. Last we saw Margot's dad, he was eating a corpse (or…some version) of Margot's mom. And now, it turns out that Margo can't remember her mother. This is because, as we’ll come to find out — her dad ATE MARGOT’S MEMORIES of her mother. He tells Margot that he thinks she's seeing him because she needs him. That's why all of this is happening.  But after confronting her father about his suicide, Margot finds her mother’s HEAD in the kitchen trash can and that’s when she knows she has to get out. Her dad won’t let her leave the house, so Margot barricades herself in her room.

In the abandoned house where Jules and Seth have gone to sleep, it turns out Jules spent the night with that crazy orb she’s so into. Just like Margot's dad did with Margot's mom, Jules brought through physical manifestations of her sister. And it appears that the orb has eaten that — causing Jules to lose the memories of her sister altogether. Meanwhile, JD has killed that inferior version of himself (the real one, the one who came in to the house) and is now burning the body in the backyard. That's Alpha JD/Replica JD, some form of No-End House JD — but we're just going to call him JD from now on. Because he's all that's left. As JD, Seth, and Jules try to come up with a plan for getting out, they decide that step one is finding Margot. Also -- Seth is noticing that JD's skin is peeling off. Uhm…what's that about?

While trying to break into her room, Margot's dad tells her that he's probably going to get hungry again and need to eat a memory soon, and that they're going to have to work together. He tries to bang down her door, in fact, and she escapes into the closet, which turns out to be a watery portal into the back yard pool! It gives Margot an escape, but her dad is hot on her trail now. He kills a dude with a garden hose who gets in her way, and JD, Jules, and Seth all bear witness. Margot keeps running, and finds herself in the No-End House version of her local school, where she meets up with Jules. The two barricade themselves in a classroom to hide from Margot's now clearly murderous father. When he moves on, they realize they're once again in lockstep — it's time to get the hell out of here.

Meanwhile, back at Lacey's house, Dylan confronts the version of himself that's apparently his wife's…fantasy? A fight ensues, and Dylan kills the fake husband, much to Lacey's terror.

Seth and Margot go for a walk to look at the boundaries and edges of … wherever they are. Seth tells her that he saw all the families from foster care that he grew up with. Margot and Seth are bonding pretty seriously, and when they discover that the place has boundaries, Margot realizes that it must mean they can probably find a way out. Jules plays her own game of Margot-Polo, walking through the neighborhood, and is pursued by Margot's dad. As he catches up to the three of them - Jules, Seth and Margot- they run into an abandoned garage. He tells Margot he's so sorry about committing suicide, and she almost falls for it, but instead tricks her dad into falling down a deep hole in the garage floor.

When they return to the house, Dylan has turned up with his wife, Lacey. He explains that the house creates memories that eat other memories (Margot's dad, Jules's orb, etc.) Turns out the people who are standing around talking nonsense in that neighborhood are what happens if you stay too long - you lose yourself. They decide to set out in the morning and when everyone goes to sleep, Jules goes back to that orb, and a whole lot of her memories (of her dog, her mom) rise out of the floor for it to eat. As that happens, Margot and Seth definitely hook up.

The next morning, before they decide to leave the house to find the way out, Seth finds JD is in the kitchen with his skin peeling off. Uh, Seth knows that something is up. He knows that JD isn't who he says he is. Is Seth part of the No-End House himself? As he gets back in bed with Margot, it sure looks that way.