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Episode Recap: Nice Neighborhood

In the world of the No-End house, everything appears perfect. But things are very much not what they seem.


So, after their trip to the No-End house, Margot and Jules came back to her house only to find Margot’s dead father (John, btw), alive and standing in the kitchen. They don’t know what happened to JT or Seth, but assume they got out sooner and left. It's pretty unclear what’s happening, but we do get a quick look at Jules’ home life. She doesn’t like her mother much, and she’s not a huge fan of anything that’s going on, really, but it’s okay, she came home for the summer to see her friend. Also, it turns out she’s having dreams about what she saw in the No-End house — a big white orb. That also turns out to be what she saw in room five of the house.

Now, sitting in Margot’s kitchen, and having a conversation with Margot’s father (who is, let's remember, supposed to be dead…), they’re concerned that he seems to have no memory or realization that anything is different. But this place is definitely not the real world. When Margot excuses herself to take a break from it all, she sees that the view outside her window is repeating. The world keeps correcting itself somehow. And that’s when John takes the opportunity to get Jules alone and mention that he knows that something is wrong and that he shouldn’t be there, but that Margot needs him. Jules is unconvinced, but he tells her that she was a lousy friend to Margot when he died. Jules is upset, but also needs to talk to Margot about it.

Meanwhile, the guy in the red hat who came into the No-End house with them? That’s Dylan. If you’ll recall, he came into the No-End house to find someone. He bumps into a woman who’s very glad to see him and this looks like it could be her! Instead, he shoots her in the street. And nobody seems to notice. Out of the house themselves, Seth and JT head back to their houses but bump into all kinds of weird things. Seth, for example, comes across a cage in the middle of a cul-de-sac with a family in it. JT, meanwhile, arrives at his own house and sess replica of him, who invites him in. The pair of JTs have a conversation about which of them is the better version of him.

Jules finally gets a chance to talk with Margot and even though they both agree that John is not her real dad (though, Margot is unclear on that), Jules says they need to figure out how to leave. And that’s when their real relationship issues come out. When Margot’s dad died, Jules was there for her. Things kept getting harder and harder; over time, Margot became too sad to be around. And Jules pulled away and went to college. This leads to a fight with Margot and Jules, where they part ways. One thing is established, though, they’re definitely not in the real world. Jules asks what we've all been thinking: Is this the 6th room?!

Dylan finds the house he’s been looking for and calls for someone named Lacey. She appears at the top of the stairs and while he knows her, she doesn't remember him at all. He tries to remind her that they came to the No-End House together, and he got out and she didn't. Now he's come to find her, this is a rescue. It turns out - Lacey is Dylan's wife!

Margot continues to hang out with her dad and goes for a swim in the pool.  When she gets in the pool, it seems to go on forever whenever she puts her head underwater. This place keeps getting much weirder. The weirdest part, though, is that when her dad touches her head to dry her off, they both get really dizzy. It unsettles them.

In another part of the neighborhood, Jules finds Seth and they break into an empty house to sleep in shifts. When Seth falls asleep, though, Jules hears a noise and goes upstairs to investigate. There she finds…that big white orb. When she touches it, it glows yellow and there's clearly something inside it.  But what?! All that happens as JT and Alpha JT continue to argue, and things escalate. The girl seems to not entirely know who she is. And Alpha JT finally has had enough; he gets up and grabs a bottle, and swings it hard. Alpha JT murders real JT.

Finally, Margot's dad creeps into her room while she's sleeping. He puts his hand on her head and some images of her mother go by. As that happens, we see that downstairs in the basement, Margot's mother is rising out of a pool of bluish ooze. Is he extracting the memory of Margot's mom? Why? To bring her into this world? Uhm. No. It’s to eat her. Or, rather, the boba-pod fish-egg pink bubbles that are in the corpse. So. That explains the “Beware the Cannibals” sign in Episode 1, no?