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Episode Recap: The Damage

Margot, Jules, and Seth face new horror as The Father creature wreaks havoc in the real world.


It’s hard to imagine how life is going to go on for Jules and Margot now that they’ve made it out of the No-End House. Jules decides to stay with Margot because after all, she has no memory of what her family looks like. In her memories, her family is all just blue blobs. Same goes for Margot, actually, when her dad took and ate her memory of her mother, Margot lost the ability to see her in her head. The house took it all! When they get home, Margot gets a call from her mother and learns the truth about her dad’s death. She knew the death was a suicide, but what she didn’t know was that he did it for the insurance money. Margot is torn – her father is a ghoul, but he died trying to save the family. And, it turns out; Margot's dad has followed them out of the No-End House and is now creeping through the neighborhood. Margot thinks she hears him, but he’s pretty good at hiding.

Exhausted, Margot and Jules have a heart to heart where Jules confesses to what she's been afraid of saying- that Margot's dad dying overwhelmed her. Margot’s sadness was too much for Jules at the time, but now that they’ve been through this together, Jules promises she’ll always be by Margot’s side. After they take a quick nap, Jules hears a noise and is suddenly accosted by… SETH! He came out of the house too!  Jules tries to fight him off but then he tells her that it turns out Margot’s dad is inside the house!

After Jules and Seth save Margot from losing too many more memories, Margot demands her father go to the basement and wait while they figure this all out. Seth reminds Jules that the house isn’t all bad and that the only way to solve the problem is for Margot to lead him back inside the No-End House. Margot has another plan – she’s going to have to kill him the way he died in the first place, with his prescription medicine.

Meanwhile, Jules gets a text from the orb (that house is SERIOUS) and she knows she has to confront her memories, so she leaves Margot and Seth behind alone to do the deed. They crush up the pills, and put it in those weird memory beads that came out of one of Margot’s memories. Dad eats those right up and then starts choking. He suffers through dying again, and Margot is super upset. Worse, Margot's mom comes home just as they’re going to drag the body back to the No-End house. If that weren’t bad enough, Margot's dad wakes up again. He attacks them all, knocking Margot's mom unconscious, and tossing Seth down the stairs. Margot has to hide as he chases her around the kitchen. Seth tries to intervene and then Margot decides enough is enough. In order to save everyone, she agrees to go back to the No-End house with her dad. 

Jules is unable to go back to her family, and so she rushes back Margot's house, only to realize they’ve all gone back through. She rushes to the No-End house, but is too late – it’s already gone.