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Episode Recap: The Hollow Girl

To save her best friend, Jules must re-enter the No-End house and face the evil that lives there.


Margot and her dad went back into the No-End House. And now, it's one year later and it looks very bleak. Every morning, he makes her some eggs and then she gives him one of her memories. They’re small memories, in this case, just an apple. Margot is still also dating Seth and they all seem to have a life here. But Margot is definitely slowly being hollowed out. One day, Seth and Margot realize that all of the signs in town are different. The house is about to show up somewhere else. Somewhere they speak French.

Back in the real world, Jules has been waiting for this. Figuring out that the No-End House is about to appear again in Quebec, she travels a long way to find it. While standing in line outside the house, she’s shocked to find Seth. He leads her in and tells her that the orb, if it finds her, will be starving. It'll take everything. As they pass by the cage with that family in it, Seth reminds Jules that the people in the cage - are his family. The thing about the house is that it gives you what you want – it’s like an organism. Seth has a lot of respect for the house, but Jules is not buying it. She came to get Margot.

And then, Seth punches her, and drags her into a house. Later, when Jules wakes up, she’s right next to that orb that takes her memories. Jules knows she can be strong around it, but just as she starts to leave, it grabs her and absorbs her completely. But Jules is not about to have this. And so, she grabs a knife and CUTS HER WAY OUT! She’s defeated her worst fear, and we’re here for it. Atta girl, Jules.

Meanwhile, Margot's been trying to hatch a plan to get the house to stop taking people. And Seth is, naturally, pretty suspicious of this plan. When he takes the news to Margot's dad - it turns out dear old Dad might be a little bit more reasonable than we all thought. He doesn’t really agree with Seth. He loves his daughter, and thinks if she wants to help people, maybe that’s the right thing.

Jules comes to Margot's house to take her away. And while Margot is pretty resistant, Jules takes her to another house, where they meet another girl, who has clearly had her mind hollowed out completely. It turns out that Seth has brought MULTIPLE girls here and done this to them. He catches up to Margot outside the house and she, standing in front of his caged family, confronts him as Jules goes to get Margot’s father. She’ll kill him if she has to, but instead he agrees to help.

Ultimately, Jules, Margot, and Margot’s dad end up defeating Seth by letting his family out. They take all of his memories and he goes down, unable to do any more harm to these poor girls. Finally, Margot and her father say goodbye and he dies by falling into the bottomless pool out back. Jules and Margot leave the No-End house. They’ve lost some memories, but they’ve made their way out. And that’s the best they can do.