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Episode Recap: The Reflection

As the group tries to escape the No-End House, a betrayal and a revelation threatens their bid for freedom.


Margot and Seth would be the bright spot in all of this. Ah, young love, it always buoys the spirits. Thing is, though, Seth is definitely a bad guy. Or maybe? He definitely knows what the house is up to and he’s not confessed this to anyone except for JD, who, if you’ll recall, is not REALLY JD, but an Alpha-version of JD who MURDERED JD and is now pretending to be him.

Dylan's having a hard time convincing his wife, Lacey, that they're married. She's forgotten everything about him and she's also pretty smart. She pretends to remember something so he'll loosen the restraints and just as he does, she tries to escape. Dylan binds her hands and tells the team, “she doesn’t remember anything.” Then, just as you expected, she grabs the knife and tries to escape. It goes poorly.

The people in this weird alternate reality town don't like that everyone's leaving and start following the gang - who are heading out toward a corn maze at the edge of town - to find the No-End House. It’s the slowest escape scene you’ll ever see in a horror story. Also? Unbeknownst to the gang, they’re being followed by Margot’s dad-- who follows them into the field.

See, people in this world are either someone trapped here or a creation that someone has MADE to live here. The ones who belong here, like fake Alpha JD or Margot’s dad - they need to eat memories, or they die, withering away. While they all try to make it to the No-End house, JD confronts Seth. They both realize they can’t reveal to the rest of the gang that they’re in on the house’s whole deal. So, they all end up at a Corn Maze inhabited by hungry zombie-like No-End-House people wandering around. They decide to wait for daylight to go through it. But then Seth takes Margot off to tell her that he’s actually living here now, which (rightfully) freaks her out. Jules wanders away from the campsite because she feels beckoned by that orb she loves touching and that’s erasing her memories. When Dylan decides to go off to collect everyone, he binds JD to his wife and rushes off. Then, out of nowhere, a zombie-like lady from the corn maze attacks, knocking JD aside and gouging out the eyes of Lacey -- killing her.

That’s when a horrified Dylan realizes that JD is part of the house. Seth explains that this version of JD killed the real JD. Margot and Jules are scared out of their minds, and that's when Dylan murders JD by setting him on fire. They all run into the corn maze, where Jules sneaks off to find that orb. This time, the memory she’s going to offer it – is Margot herself! Just in time, Margot is able to stop her, saving her memory of her. They flee through the corn maze and even run past Margot's dad, making it to the No-End House.

Now that they know the truth about Seth, they’ve left him behind. And scared as they are, Margot and Jules go inside. Dylan stays outside because he has unfinished business.  As Margot and Jules go through the house, Margot’s dad kills Dylan. Worse, Margot’s dad goes INTO THE HOUSE.

Margot and Jules make it through most of the rooms pretty easily and come out on the other side!

They make it back to the real world! They're no longer in the alternate reality but Jules can't remember anyone in her family. Sad. So, they start to head home when suddenly, the door to the house opens – Margot’s (dead) father has come through behind them.