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Episode Recap: This Isn't Real

When four friends enter the mysterious No-End house, they are plunged into a whole new reality of terror.


So, that house at the end of the block? That’s the No-End house. As a woman runs toward it – a man in a suit pursues her. She has the words “this isn’t real” carved into her arm. She wants to get into that house as fast as she can, but he catches her, knocks her out, and…maybe cuts the words off her arm. So many questions! But, that’s about all we get for now, because we’re about to meet our lead: Margot.

Some flashbacks clue us in that Margot and her father were very close, and spent a lot of time in the pool growing up. What happened to him is still a bit of a mystery, but Margot has definitely become something of a recluse this summer. With mom headed out of town, Margot's down to just do what she's been doing a lot of lately – just hanging around without any kind of friends. That's when her friend Jules comes back from college. They sit by the pool and Jules finally convinces Margot to get out of the house to go to a party. They meet up with some dudes at a bar, one of them their old friend, JD. Margot is about to leave when she meets a handsome boy named Seth. So she sticks around. That’s when everyone reveals that they’ve all been getting weird creepy messages on their phones. JD explains. This happens every now and then, and usually before the appearance of the “No-End House” – an art installation that’s a high end creepy haunted house. Six rooms, all scarier than the one before it. Apparently the next step is that people will start seeing ads with the address.

So the gang all go back to Margot’s house and Margot reveals to Seth how her dad died: he had a bad reaction to some allergy medication and she found him dead. It’s clearly been very traumatizing. When Margot goes inside, she sees a strange ad on the television that gives her an address of the no-end house. And so the gang decides to get in the car and drive over to see it.

They arrive to find a pretty terrifying house. All of the people coming out of it are actually really freaked out by it. Some are even barfing. As they all wait their turn to go in, they learn that every room is scarier, but every room has an exit as well. You get to choose as you go. They meet a bearded dude with a backpack - Dylan - who tells them that he’s actually been searching for the house. He’s prepared to go in. After seeing some spray painted graffiti on the door that says "Beware the Cannibals,” the team go into the first room, where they all find some white plaster casts of their OWN heads! It's pretty creepy and they can't figure out how it happened so fast. And then...the lights go off. When the lights come back on, their heads are different. The statues have changed and they're now all torn open. Curious, they ignore the door that says "Exit" and march through the door labeled "next room."

The second room looks like a giant swimming pool with a very creepy dude in it. He's wearing a wooden mask and cruises around the room, sizing everyone up. When JD asks if he's one of the cannibals, the dude shoves him. Pretty hard. After the creepy guy whispers in Margot's ear "Welcome back Martian," (What does that mean?) the lights go out and come back on. One of the dudes who’s been going through the house with them is now missing, with only a smear of blood leading from where he stood.

This is when the gang is offered a warning by Dylan. He's already told them that he's trying to find his way back into the house, and now he says it's not too late, that they should turn back. They (of course) ignore him and press on. Room 3 requires them all to go in separately. Margot finds herself in a dream she used to have as a kid. A long hallway with a mirror that has someone hiding behind it. She sneaks around the mirror to find a terrifying giggling dude. She runs toward the exit but as she passes door #4, she hears Jules’ voice, so she goes in after her. In Room 4, Margot is forced to watch her father's death on a giant screen. It's messed up. Margot sees that she has the choice between Room 5 and an exit. She persists into Room 5, though, curious about how messed up this all is.

In room 5, Margot finds a creepy version of her living room with a creepy version of her father, sitting in the position where he died. Videos of her childhood play behind her on a scary loop and the only way to turn it off is to take the remote from this creepy verisimilitude of her dad. As she does, he gets up and tries to hug her. On her way out of the room she hears him say, "you have to go through to go home."

As Margot gets outside the house, she finds a distraught Jules. Thinking that JD and Seth have left them there, they decide to leave but since their car won't work, they walk home, shaken. Jules agrees to stay over a bit. But she notices the house number is just a 6. Was it...always?

That’s when things get even weirder. As Margot goes in the house, she discovers her dad…making breakfast. What…is…this?