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Episode Recap: Bizarre Love Triangle

As Jillian’s old friend relentlessly hunts Tom, she teams up with a neighbor to try and save him.


Jill and Pretzel Jack have reunited in her basement, with the help of creepy-neighbor
and now coach, Ian. Tom’s argument with his ex, Sarah, soon brings out evil PJ, and he
stabs Sarah and chases her and Tom to an empty schoolhouse.

A confrontation between Pretzel Jack and Tom is halted by Jill and Ian. Ian shows Jill
how she can control her creation, and ultimately kill it when she has to. So she does it. She kills PJ to save Tom. Soon after, at the hospital, Jill learns what Tom has only just
found out – Sarah’s baby is not his. They part ways.

Jill does not want to go to her house, so Ian takes her to an old family home of his to
spend the night. Then he reads Jill’s texts, where her long-lost father is reaching out
with urgent things to talk about. Her dad, Bill, tries Tom, too. He wants to tell Jill
something about the family.

Jill’s dad has a knock at his hotel room door. It’s Ian, with a “Hey, Dad” moment. OMG!
He’s got daddy issues and childhood manifestations of his own. He takes care of
business (i.e. kills his dad), and cleans up the mess. Tom goes to the hotel to find Bill’s room bare. Ian has evolved from creepy neighbor to creepy half-brother, and Jill doesn’t know it. So why is he bringing her morning tea and acting romantic? What exactly is happening here?