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Episode Recap: Love Hurts

A terrified Jillian and Tom reveal their secrets and try to overcome the devastating consequences.


Jill and Tom are being terrorized by a contortionist clown named Pretzel Jack. He first emerged from behind a closed door that mysteriously materialized in the basement of their home, and is now on the attack, murdering Tom’s best from Jason right in front of Jill’s disbelieving eyes. Attacking Tom’s mystery friend, and then attacking Tom.

After Tom survives Pretzel Jack’s attack in the hydro-therapy pool house – with both of them injured in the process – Jill goes to him at the hospital. Turns out that Tom has a lot of secrets. He’s been visiting a woman late at night at her house – and it seems like he is having an affair but maybe is just secretly into hydro-therapy. And he is definitely  hiding the fact that he has a secret child with Sarah Winters. Who it turns out is an ex- girlfriend. So Jill confronts him.  

Tom admits to the (now ended) relationship with Sarah Winters, and Jill is angry. So Pretzel Jack twists himself out of healing/hiding and starts running to the scene. He ultimately catches up to them at Jill’s therapist’s office. These disbelieving men are making Jill angry, and Jack appears in person for some violent vindication.

Meanwhile, nosy neighbor Ian is really into all of this. Turns out, he’s got some mystery- door abilities, too. He shows what he can do, and Jill and Tom agree to let him facilitate a fighting therapy-esque session with the intent to lure out Pretzel Jack and calm him down. Ian believes that Jill can control him. When Pretzel Jack shows up, they share a creepy embrace. And Jill is into it. OMG!