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Episode Recap: Two of Us

Jillian and Tom set out to defeat the demons in their marriage once and for all.


Tom wakes up in the clutches of Tall Boy and Ian. Ian is a bit haggard and exhausted by all the killing, but clearly committed to keeping it up. Tom sees an opportunity for
escape and dashes off, into the home development complex that they are in. Jill,
sensing their locations, is arriving to look for Tom and the rest.

Finding Tom, Jill quickly realizes what Ian is up to - he's taken on Tom's form to confuse Jillian. So Jillian is forced to kill "Dream Door" Tom. Then real life Tom shows up unharmed. Phew. What a relief. Together they go in hiding from Ian and Tall Boy. Jillian uses her abilities to conjure up Pretzel Jack to help them fight off their nemeses. And so, Pretzel Jack appears and kills Tall boy. Their plan works! ... until it doesn't and Tall Boy ressurrects. Jeeze. Then Jill realizes that to truly stop Ian they have to kill Ian. And so they do and then we cheer because dude had it coming.

Fast forward to the future, Tom and Jill are living happily ever after and they have a baby! Awww. The catch? Jill has passed on her ability to her baby girl, who creates a tiny door in her nursey, as one does when they're an infant (with powers) who isn't yet sleeping through the night. And so, the adventures of terrifying imaginary friends continues...