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Episode Recap: Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

After witnessing a murder, Jillian digs into secrets from her past and Tom realizes he’s in danger.


In the first episode, Jill and Tom were starting newlywed life together in a house gifted to them by Tom’s mom. The catch? A mysterious blue door materializes in the far wall of the basement, and behind it is another door with a psychotic contortionist clown behind it. This clown looks just like one Jill drew as a child, and pretty soon Pretzel Jack is on the attack – he kills Tom’s best friend, Jason.

This episode picks right up where we left off. A shell-shocked Jill returns home to Tom’s embrace. She is still worried that he is cheating on her, but right now she needs comfort more than anything. Police begin to investigate the murder and she’s clearly a person of  interest. What to do? Of course Jill retreats to the comfort of breaking into and searching her childhood home for a similar mystery/hell door (spoiler: there is one), and combines that with mysterious conversations about lucid dreaming with her creepy neighbor. His theory? Her emotions are manifesting a murderous character from her childhood – and harming those that Jill is angry at.

In the meantime, Tom is up to some strange antics. He gifts an unknown child a toy at a park. He visits a woman’s house, confides in her about his actions (the baby is his?!) and ultimately decides to take a sensory deprivation bath in her weird home. Is he having an affair? Or is this a weird, extremely unconventional therapist that he is seeing? She’s a creeper, too, so he decides to take a bath in a dark room in her maze- like midcentury house made of a warren of small rooms. And Pretzel Jack seems to like it there. What? Of course! He’s creeping around, and before long is once again on the attack. The cliffhanger ends with the mystery hostess in drapey clothes maybe dead, and Tom tussling with the psycho clown in his bath. Will he survive? We must keep watching!