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Episode Recap: You Belong to Me

Ian makes a grand gesture that threatens to drive Jillian and Tom apart forever.


Jill and Ian start a training session in his family’s remote cabin. He wants to teach her
how to manifest and control her creations. The result: A really horrid rabbit. And Ian’s
humblebrag that it took him a lot of tries before he made her dog. What now?
Jill finally gets suspicious of creepy neighbor Ian. She asks him to take her home, and
he does. When they get to his house, they find Tom who has uncovered Ian’s cache of
Jill stuff. It dawns on her that Ian is her half-brother, and he admits it. Bonus: He has
something special to show her.

The reveal? Ian killed their dad and his many dogs are gnawing on him in the garage.
Jesus. Jill calls the cops, and they take Ian away. But it’s not long before his avenger,
Tall Boy, attacks the cops. Blood-spattered Ian runs back to the neighborhood to be
with Jill. Tom tries to turn him away, and more monsters emerge from behind Ian’s doors. Jill is dealing with her own door drama, and when it ends she looks for Tom. Where is he? What the hell is happening?