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Episode Recap: Mobile


This week the Kings head to Mobile, AL to experience the weird, the wonderful and shoot some rifles. Neither Loki or Johnny are good shots so when its Magick's turn he decides to use magic - duh - to make target practice more interesting. He has each of the gentleman sign their names on a playing card and he then tapes each card to the pigeons  (that's the orange disk used for target practice folks not actual birds). Magick dubs this trick "Save the King" [as in the king of hearts card]. With his back turned, Magick instructs the gentleman to load the stations with the "pigeons" so that he won't see which station holds the king of hearts. Magick - much to the gentleman's surprise - figures out which station holds the kings of hearts and then shoots the card. So maybe he should rename the trick "SHOOT the King" but let's not split hairs. But then Magick fools us all! He releases the shell from the chamber of the rifle and what's inside the shell ladies and gentleman? The king of hearts! Magick SAVED the king after all.

Later, the guys encounter a group of women known as the Azalea Trail Maids who are ambassadors for the City. Magick makes the astute observation that they look like a bowl of fruit loops. Not much of a mystic society, but they'll do. Johnny plays a trick on one of the Trail Maids. He asks her to hold a box and then asks her what her fear is - snakes. He then asks her to visualize this fear, which she does. Johnny then uncovers the box and what does the Trail Maid find inside? A snake! After the magicians scare the hell out of the Azaleas, one of the them reveals that her father is a part of a "mystic society", which our magicians have been seeking answers about. She won't go into details about the society's secret handshake - she swears she doesn't know anything about that . But the tidbit of information the Azalea does give has the magicians hopeful that they're getting closer to finding out more about Alabama's secrets.

Later, Loki, Magick and Johnny come across a society known as the Widows of Joe Cain, the man who revived Mardi Gras over 140 years ago. But aside from getting a good look at their costumes the guys aren't finding out any mystic secrets. They then head to a bar where the owner and local patrons threaten to make Johnny, Loki and Magick disappear if they keep asking questions. Point taken. Next up, the guys head to the beauty shop to gossip and get their hair done. Magick does a card trick and whispers something unsavory in the beautician's ear which she likes so much that she tells him that if they wear costumes they will be able to infiltrate a mystic society or two. And our magicians from New York City - the fashion capital of the world - decide on some rather "interesting" get ups. The guys are able to peek in on the Conde Cavaliers who meet in a secret location on the outskirts of town away from civilization and they all own pickup trucks. What's the worst that could happen? To join the Conde Cavaliers the guys offer to do some magic. Loki puts a blindfold on and asks one of the Cavaliers to hide a sharp blade - facing upward - under a paper bag for a trick called "Smash and Stab". With Loki's back to the crowd the Cavaliers rearrange the bags so that he won't know which paper bag is hiding the blade. Loki then plays Russian Roulette with his hand. He gets down to the last two bags and luckily doesn't stab himself and correctly chooses which bag is hiding the blade. The crowd is impressed. So impressed that they decide to make Loki, Magick and Johnny honorary Conde Cavaliers.

Feeling confident, the magicians head back to the cemetery and make nice with the Widows of Joe Cain who are a bit more welcoming to them now that the guys are honorary members of another mystic society. Loki decides to show off his levitation skills and the crowd is in awe- naturally. And just like that, the Close Up Kings have earned their spot in Alabama history.