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Episode Recap: New Orleans


The Close Up Kings travel to the Big Easy to showcase their skills while also getting a lesson in voodoo and jazz to boot! And since voodoo is all about energy, Loki decides to try out a trick that's based on spiritual touch. The trick entails having one girl close her eyes while the other keeps her eyes open. Loki then touches the girl -whose eyes are open- on the nose and the other girl - with her eyes close - feels it. Groovy.

The guys continue their stroll through the NOLA streets and Johnny plays an oldie - but a goodie - with the crowd. Three Card Monty (AKA "Find the Lady") ladies and gents! The crowd keeps losing, of course but when you're in the city that "care forgot", who can get angry? After playing a few more card tricks Johnny decides to tempt fate and let two random girls stick pins into a voodoo doll that he's connected to. The draw? He has his back turned to the girls so he can't see what they're doing but he can definitely feel it. We're not sure if we should be impressed or weirded out that he would willingly let someone do this to him.

The guys take it one step further and visit a famous local voodoo priestess, Priestess Miriam. The Priestess throws her bones and does a reading on the guys. The verdict: Johnny may be facing some unsettling times but things will fall into place; while the priestess foresees that Magick will have to sign some pretty important documents soon. Magick confirms that Madam Miriam is right on the money!

Later the guys lighten up their trip by entertaining some tourists on the street. Johnny makes pretend that there's an imaginary box that's verrry important and cannot be dropped. He then asks a woman to pick one of the "imaginary" cards from the box with her mind and has her display the card to everybody. He then asks her to give the invisible box a "toss" and the box magically appears! Johnny then asks the girl to name her card -7 of hearts. There's only one card in this deck that's on its backside…wanna take a guess at which one it is kids? The 7 of hearts of course.

On the last stop of their New Orleans trek, the three Kings hold a good old fashion seance at the famous Mystery Mansion. Magick asks the million dollar question "is there a spirit in this room?" The planchet moves and everyone is genuinely freaked out. The OMFG of it all continues when Magick asks the spirit if it's connected to anyone in the room. But the fun doesn't end there, the rest of the seance is comprised of book pages turning on their own, a vase flying off the shelf and shattering onto the floor and the table levitating. And if you were wondering, the spirit is a guy named "Mark", a cousin of one of the guests at the Mystery Mansion. No worries though, Mark is a friendly ghost (aside from the whole shattering the vase thing) and speaks through Magick to let his cousin know that he's resting in peace. Just another day in the life of the Close Up Kings.