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Episode Recap: New York


Best friends and sleight-of-hand artists Magick Balay, Loki and Johnny Blaze perform in their hometown of New York City. First, they delight tourists in Times Square with their sleight-of-hand tricks then the guys hit their favorite pub, Blaggards for some fun pub magic. After that they visit the Houdini museum the guys decide they want to do a big Houdini inspired trick in New York City. Loki gets inspired to test out a disappearing trick he's been working on. In snowy Central Park Loki charms four Norwegians with a disappearing trick where he reappears as a carriage driver.

Next, the guys meet Thomas Solomon The World's Greatest Escape Artist who gives them tips on how to escape from the most compromising situations. Loki will need all the advice he can get as he plans on escaping the trunk of a car in a junk yard as the car is crushed by a bulldozer! Magick and Johnny wrap him up in chains and secure the ends with padlocks. The onlookers watch in anticipation as Loki is locked in the trunk and car prepares to be crushed. After the first blow Loki appears to be doomed ...but then...he appears on top of the bulldozer - unharmed and free! Well done!