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Episode Recap: Niagara Falls


All (TV) things must come to an end in the form of a season finale. The Close Up Kings have showcased their magic across the United States - and Canada! - and now they're winding down in Niagara Falls. The view from the Falls inspires Johnny to control the flow …of a water bottle. Watch out Moses, Johnny Blaze is coming for your throne. Loki takes note and recruits a volunteer to help him make liquid disappear - through her hand.

After a few side tricks the guys suit up for adventure - indoor sky dying style.  They like the experience so much that Magick decides to send a deck of cards flying. The draw? The instructor signed one of the cards and Magick "magically" sent the card flying through the other side of the glass. Later, our magicians then head to an arcade to get some inspiration *cough: goof off* before their final trick to come later. While in the arcade, Magick turns a woman's wedding band into a quarter. They use that same quarter in a nearby gum ball machine from which the ring makes a reappearance! Johnny likes married women too, apparently, and pulls a couple of cards from behind a bride-to-be's ear - with a little help (unbeknownst to the bride) from Loki.

Searching for more inspiration for their final act, the trio peruse the Dare Devil museum and later have a meet and greet with the Mr. Dare Devil himself, Nik Wallenda. Magick tries his hand at the tight rope by pulling it through his body. Nik respects Magick's short cut and seems impressed with the Close Up King's trick. Next, Magick makes Nik Wallenda's wedding ring levitate. We're starting to think Magick REALLY wants Nik Wallenda to like him.

In their final trick the, the magicians head back to the Falls with a barrel (that sports four iron clasps and four master pad locks), a set of hand cuffs. The Kings assemble an eager crowd to perform an illusion they're dubbing "Metamorphosis".  Johnny is locked inside the barrel and Loki places the key to the handcuffs on Johnny's finger through a tiny hole in the barrel - and faster than you can say "well, this seems obvious" the plot thickens… Loki stands on top of the barrel and lifts the curtain to prepare for the "Metamorphosis". Wait for it, wait for it…and when the curtain drops...heresssss Johnny! Blaze, that is. Nik Wallenda would be proud.