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Episode Recap: Vancouver


Oh, Canada! Are you ready for the Close Up Kings? This week the artists treat the citizens of Vancouver to magic and themselves to the great outdoors. Before they become one with nature the Kings perform tricks using another form of green - money that is - as a prop. Magick take a Canadian 10 dollar bill, sticks a ball point pen through it, then removes the pen and restores the bill. Look ma, no holes! Unimpressed, Johnny turns an American $5 bill into Canadian money.

Staying on the money trail, while on Granville Island the guys visit an outdoor market, peruse the fresh foods and make a Canadian coin (a toonie initialed by a market worker) magically appear inside of an oyster shell. Loki showcases his mind control skills. He asks a woman to close her eyes and then touches her friend's nose. When she opens her eyes Loki asks her to point to where she "felt" Loki touch her friend. Loki hit this trick right on the nose! (Sorry, we couldn't help it). Next the guys have interesting (read: DELICIOUS) drinks that we'd like to try. Magician vs. Food. After their meal drinks, Magick tells the waitress (and we quote him verbatium) that he's got "money to burn" before magically setting the bill on fire.

On another day at a different restaurant - the guys like to eat - Loki gets the attention of the owner, who once he finds out that the fellas are magicians requests that Loki take his pants off without using his hands. Now that's what we call service with a smile. Loki declines but Johnny appeases Patrick - the world's most charismatic and also slightly frightening waiter - by making the coffee in the cup disappear. Patrick is not impressed. Perhaps Johnny should have poured the coffee down Patrick's pants instead?

After eating and drinking (a lot) the guys finally get around to pitting their magic against the elements while braving the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which spans 460 feet across but to these New Yorkers it's a cake walk. Inspired by the suspension bridge, Johnny is locked inside a box and strangers are asked to pull on ropes tied across the top of the box and lift the box off the ground. Magick then instructs the volunteers to release the rope. They release the ropes but the box - with Johnny still inside - remains suspended in the air. And the crowd - and one dude in particular goes wild.

The fellas continue their trek through nature by going fly fishing. Magick impresses their instructor by turning a simple green leaf into colorful bait by blowing on it. In the grand finale trick Johnny (and we quote him verbatium) plans to "hook, line and sink" his fly fishing instructor by showing her how "City boys" fish. He swallows a gold fish and then fishes - using an actual barb hook- the gold fish out of his arm. Pretty gross, but also pretty cool.