Continuum Season 4: New Cast Members Added!

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 12:19pm

When last we left you, Continuum's Brad and Kiera had just activated the time beacon. Everything was calm until a huge time ball exploded, unleashing a terrifying new future upon them all. We now know that that terrifying future will include a group of Future Soldiers who have arrived to battle Keira and her team in the final season. Sounds bleak but there's hope with an all-star cast of players set to round out the credits.

Meet them!

  • Kyra Zagorsky (Helix, Soldiers of the Apocalypse)
  • Michael Eklund (Bates Motel, Shattered)  
  • Ty Olsson (The 100, Supernatural),
  • Aleks Paunovic (The 100, Arctic Air)
  • Lisa Berry (Xlll: The Series, Nikita)
  • Garfield Wilson (Almost Human, Arrow)

Want more details? Get the rest of the inside scoop over at Blastr and stay tuned to Syfy's Continuum site for updates on the final season's premiere date and more. Oh and catch up on all three seasons with these handy Continuum 101 Guides.

That's a lot of links because we're seriously excited about season 4 and trust us, you should be too!