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Dark Matter Season 2: Photos From the Set

Go behind the scenes on the production of Dark Matter Season 2, coming in 2016.

By Bryan Enk

When we last saw One, Two, Three, Four and Five, they were being dragged away by the Galactic Authority, seemingly betrayed by their fellow crew member, Six.

Never fear, 'cause that's not the end of the story: Dark Matter Season 2 will continue the space saga of these amnesiac misfits later in 2016!

Production on the second season of Dark Matter is well underway, and we've got a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics with which to whet your appetite as we get closer and closer to the premiere. You'll find most of your old friends therein, settling into what looks like outer space prison life.

Click here to see the behind-the-scenes gallery of Dark Matter Season 2, and keep up to date on the production via showrunner Joe Mallozzi's blog!