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Dark Matter Sneak Peek: Attack of the Android

Hell hath no fury like lady androids. See for yourself.

By Bryan Enk

Hell hath no fury like lady androids.

Really, it's bad enough to suddenly wake up from cryo-sleep with no memory of who you are or why you're on board a spaceship hurtling toward some unknown destination, but your existential crisis suddenly becomes a whole lot worse when you throw a rampaging robot into the mix.

And boy, this mighty machine is quite the first-rate fighter. She sends dudes twice her size flying through the air and disarms another of not one but three weapons in a matter of seconds before sending him flying through the air, too.

Guess she doesn't like being called "Sweetcakes." (Ugh, who would?)

Check out this scene from the first episode of Dark Matter and be glad you don't have to deal with this ship's "security protocol."

Dark Matter Sneak Peek: The Android Attacks

Dark Matter premieres on June 12 at 10/9c.