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Dark Matter's Zoie Palmer is an Android with a Sense of Humor

The actress talks about crossing over from humanity into a full fledged robot.


To Lost Girl fans, Zoie Palmer is Lauren, the human doctor living in a world of Faes. Yet in the space adventure, Dark Matter, Palmer switches sides and plays the lone android among humans. Trippy. She recently chatted with Here are some highlights about making the jump, graduating from Lost Girl, interesting moments from the set and more:

On playing an android: "She does have a bit of a sense of humor from time to time, but it's more the circumstances she finds herself in, or where she misunderstands a scenario or where she takes something literally when it's not meant to be."

On being stuck on a ship with humans: "She's on this space ship with 6 other people, and it's sort of like they are stuck in an elevator together."

On moving on from Lost Girl to being the new kid on the block: "It's like when you move up to a different grade but you're in the same school, but you're in a different grade with a new teacher."

On getting physical as a robot: "My character doesn't have a relaxed posture at all, there's no slouching, so in a fight sequence I have to remember that stuff. I can't let go of my character and start fighting. I have to remember I'm an Android fighting, I'm not a human fighting."

Head over to to get the story behind each quote plus Zoie's thoughts on the first season of Dark Matter, her fears as an actress and more. Dark Matters airs on Syfy Fridays at 10/9c.