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Episode Recap: Episode Eight

While Six takes on a terrorist, Four and One's attempts to stop him reveal two huge bombshells.

We open in the run-down Space Station B, where Six asks some shady-looking types as to the whereabouts of The General. One guy tells him that The General is the most wanted man in the galaxy and laughs at the idea that he’d know his location. When Six offers money for the info, the guy says that he "can do better" and his colleague sticks a gun in Six's back as a femme fatale-type reveals that they know who Six is, his criminal history and the bounty on him. Six resists and is gunned down. Boss Lady slaps the ringleader, exclaiming "What part of 'We need him alive' didn’t you understand?" ... and then Six's body dissolves to dust!

We flashback to four hours earlier on the Raza where The Android is on the ship's examination table recovering from Wendy's attack. One tries to sneak up on Two to surprise her with a hug and she almost twists his arm off (did One really think that she's the type who likes surprise hugs?). Two reveals that The Android is 85% healed and will be good to go by day's end.

The ship pulls in to another Vegas-y space station and Two tells everybody what supplies they need. Four finds Three in his room moping about Sarah and tells him that he has to move on, though Three says he's done that all his life and doesn't want to this time. Four, surprisingly supportive, says that he did everything he could for Sarah and can't blame himself.

On board the space station, Five stealthily follows Six to the Transfer Transit Center. We're then back at the beginning of the episode; after Six (or, rather, his clone) is gunned down and disappears, he wakes up in a transit pod. A technician explains that he doesn't remember what happened during his "trip" because his clone died. Six wants to give it another go, even though one's cerebral cortex could be damaged without a 30-minute gap in-between trips.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is eating, drinking and making merry at a restaurant, with Three rather surprisingly expressing his affection for each and every one of them. Five arrives and tells everybody that Six has gone off the station. When Three worries that he's stolen the Raza, Five explains how Transfer Transit works: You get in a pod that copies your DNA and maps your brain, the data of which is transmitted to a pod at your desired destination. That pod creates your clone, complete with memories and personality. The clone has a short life span of only a few days, at which point the clone’s memories are implanted in the original person (unless the clone dies).

Back on the Raza, Five works her techie magic to hack into Six's computer, where the team finds the research on the space station terrorist attack. They're shocked by a news program displaying a security video of the terrorist fugitives, one of which is Six.

Meanwhile, Six is well into his second "trip." This time, he turns the tables on his assailants and kills everybody except for Boss Lady, who puts on a ditzy voice and claims to be “just a girlfriend.” Six doesn’t buy it.

One and Four go to the Transfer Transit station and bribe the technician for Six's location. After they (or, rather, their clones) wake up, they're shocked to discover that One now has someone else's face! The Transfer Transit technology has apparently restored One's features to what they were before his extensive facial reconstruction surgery. Jace Corso was indeed a stolen identity!

On the Raza, The Android is now 93% recovered, and Five says she's sorry for leading her to injury by suggesting that she apologize to Crazy Wendy. The Android says that she had no choice, since Five presented a logical argument and she's programmed to behave logically. Five disagrees, saying that she’s seen her displaying emotions like happiness and jealousy. The Android says that this must mean her programming is flawed, but Five congratulates her for having feelings and gives her an awkward (yet moving) hug.

At the mining colony, Six finally comes face to face with The General, and they argue about whether the terrorist attack -- and Six’s massacre of his former "brothers in revolution" -- were justified. Six says that The General deceitfully orchestrated the deaths of 10,000 people, though The General claims you can't have a revolution without bloodshed. Suddenly, an explosion rocks the bunker. Six admits that he set his shuttle to "terminate," using The General's own destruction strategies against him! The two get in a fight and Six strangles The General to death, but The General has a last laugh—he disappears! It turns out that he is a clone, too. Fie! One and Four gun down The General's goons and are reunited with Six.

Everyone's back safe on the Raza, though Two is pissed at One for lying to them. One says that he was waiting for the right opportunity to tell everybody about his identity, but it's never a good time to tell your friends that you’re not who they thought you were (or who you thought you were). Two isn’t satisfied, pointing out that if the real Jace Corso had come after One, the whole group would have been vulnerable. Two then cracks down on Three for keeping One's secret, and when he explains that he was only doing it for blackmail purposes, Two tells them that "we don’t keep secrets and we don't blackmail each other!" Then she points a finger at Six for putting them all at risk.

Two tells the group that they need to have faith in each other and trust each other if they're going to survive, but they can't seem to do it. She theorizes that whoever wiped their memories probably did so to make it harder for them to work together and storms out. Later, The Android tells Two that if she wants the crew to trust each other, "why don't you tell them the truth about yourself?" Hmm!

Back in his room, Four calls the Ishida directorate and insists on being connected to Hiro. His rather surprised brother greets him on the monitor, in full Emperor garb. Meanwhile, through his Transfer Transit account, One discovers his true identity: Derrick Moss, CEO of CoreLactic Industries and heir to the Moss fortune. He also discovers that his wife Catherine was murdered ... by Three!