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Episode Recap: Episode Eleven

With the team trapped, Five must save the day ... but all actions have consequences.


Wexler shoots Two into space, devastating the Raza crew, who are then locked in the ship's vault. Five uses a knife in her shoe to untie everybody and they strategize how to get free.

Wexler and Cane take away One for interrogation and begin by beating him up. They ask him if he knows Danny Bones, a small-time crook who got drunk and told somebody that Jace Corso hid millions worth of stolen loot on an uninhabited moon. One says no and gets punched yet again. One warns that they won't get the bounty on him if they bring him in dead or maimed. Wexler is persuaded ... but has another plan to get information from him: torturing Five.

As One unsuccessfully tries to bargain with his interrogators, Wexler outs that they're going to betray the Mikkei Corporation by giving the stolen device to Volkov-Rusi. Before he and Cane can commence with cutting off Five's fingers, their co-thief Vons calls them to the bridge to deal with an emergency.

The hijackers discover that the FTL device is offline and the ship can't move ... and soon realize that the only one who can help them is Five. Five announces that somebody will need to go outside the ship to repair the problem.

As the hijackers throw One back in the vault, Five prepares Vons for a spacewalk. Soon after Vons leaves the ship, he cries that his air pressure has been deactivated and suffocates to death! They discover that someone, somewhere, is pressuring the airlock.

Cut to: Two, who somehow survived and got back on the ship, naturally.

Tasha, Vons' ladyfriend, blames Five for setting up Vons and smacks her. Two appears and kicks her ass. Two and Five try to rescue the others, but Wexler changed the code to the vault door. Two orders Five to hide in the vents and goes in search of Wexler.

Cane tells Wexler that Tasha is dead, for which Wexler blames Five. Just as he tells Cane to find Five and shoot her in the head, the Volkov-Rusi shuttle arrives to claim the device. A bunch of uniformed dudes with guns board the ship whilst One, Three, Four and Six are running out of oxygen in the vault.

After Two makes short work of the Volkov-Rusi goons, she encounters Cane, who makes her drop her weapon and wonders if, after surviving the cold oblivion of space, she can survive a shot between the eyes. Suddenly, Five shows up and shoots him to death with a gun she found in the vents. Nobody can ever treat her like a pesky little sister again!

The Volkov-Rusi rep asks a very anxious Wexler why his men aren't responding and if he's double-crossing them. Two and Five show up pointing guns, with Two announcing that the Raza crew has taken back their ship, and if the VR wants the device, they'll have to go through them. The VR runs screaming into FTL.

As Five tries to crack the code to the ship's vault, Two stuffs Wexler in the ship's airlock and tells him if Five figures it out before Wexler gives it up, he'll be shot into space. She promises to free him if he tells her what it is. He does so, but she doesn’t let him go. An increasingly nervous Wexler tells her to remember that she's not a cold-blooded killer like him. She says, "After today, I don’t know what I am," and shoots him into space!

Five tells the boys how Two survived: she held on to the outside of the ship, pulled some difficult maneuvers and got back on board, all without a space suit. The Android reveals that Two is an advanced biosynthetic organism who was not born but engineered. Unlike an Android, she has both human and engineered parts, and her inventors used illegal processes to produce her. If authorities find out about her, they'll likely destroy her.

The Raza gang delivers the device to a Mikkei Corporation lab, where it quicky becomes unstable. Just as the Marauder gets them safely back to the ship, the planet below them explodes!